Korean Street Food


Of all the dope AF food I ate in Korea this little bad boy was the most memorable… so much so that I ate it about 4 or 5 times. There are a few of these carts set up in the main streets of Myeongdong serving up warm takoyaki filled with vanilla ice cream topped and with a slab of fresh honeycomb.


Gimbap = Korean sushi.


This was another popular stall thing we found all over Korea where you could get a plate of deep bites like vegetables & egg or gimbap, for a couple of bucks.


Fresh lemonade hit the spot in the relentless heat of Seoul in the summer.


Steamed egg bun is another ubiquitous Korean street snack, it was good, but sweet egg makes me feel weird.



Water drop pudding is similar to mochi topped with powdered soybean.

DSC05249 DSC05256



I see corn, I eat corn.
This one was smothered in butter, chilli, and powdered cheese.



Hotdogs covered in chips, why the fuck not?


Snuck a little churro onto the bus to Seoul.


Sometimes the setting of the meal takes something simple to another level.
After arriving in Tongyeong and checking into our love hotel we stepped out for a walk around the harbour, and within 2 minutes it started pouring with rain. We ducked into a makeshift restaurant set up under a tent next to the water. We grabbed a couple of hites and watched an old man wielding a meat cleaver cutting up squid fresh out of the tank for seafood pancakes.


Churro filled with cream cheese from a truck stop.



This was another time the setting made the meal. We took a day trip out to Bijindo Island and after walking along the beach stopped into this kiosk which was just a roof over a concrete slab with a deep fryer and fridge. They did a bunch of different types of fried chicken, sold some different types of cup noodles and had fridge full of beer.










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