Left Coast Artisan Burgers, Seoul


Left Coast burgers as a hip-hop inspired burger joint in Itaewon. It seems to be a popular hang out for the large population of American G.I.’s who you can recognise by their crew cuts and terrible dress sense.


They have paintings of Tupac and Biggie on the wall which I believe might have been from Rembrandt’s early period before he went biblical.


We stopped by early evening during the week and there were only a few people there, the soldiers and a table of American army wives.


Homemade lemonade





Kalbi Fries – picked peppers & onions, scallions, sour cream

The Hot Stuff patty was juicy af and the pickled onion was on point.

Hot Stuff – pickled onion, spicy pepper and garlic mayo

For dessert a fresh out of the oven, barely baked choc chip cookie topped with cream and ice cream.

Just baked choc chip cookie, cream and ice cream


Left Coast Artisan Burgers
130-43 Itaewondong, Yongsangu
Seoul, Korea


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