Tulip Coffee, Seoul


Tulip Coffee in Seoul was our go-to coffee place when we were staying at the Metro Hotel, it was kind of like a whitewashed, air-conditioned utopia in the heart of Myeongdong.


It’s located above a clothes store and there’s an additional rooftop level that we didn’t check out.


There was always only a max of two other people there when we visited which I found a little odd but considering Korea is obsessed with cafe culture and there are literally multiple coffee chains on every street I guess it’s not so surprising.


They had the best carrot cake I’ve ever tasted, to be fair I normally never eat carrot cake but that’s beside the point, this shit was next level and the vanilla milkshake was just as good.


The Oreo shake wasn’t bad but I don’t really fuck with those chocolate flavoured milkshakes I like my shakes vanilla or maybe caramel.


Green tea scroll cake was not bad but if you ever get to Tulip Coffee my advice is to go straight for the carrot cake.



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