Japan 2014 II

What else would you eat on the bullet train from Kyoto to Tokyo but a bento box?
Picked this up from the incredible food court below Kyoto station.


Most department stores have amazing rooftop gardens that for some reason seem to be rarely used.


You can pick up any kind of food you can imagine from the food courts on the bottom level; seriously it’s mental down there. We got some mixed dumplings and corn fritters.



They also have huge pastry sections with cakes that rival any French patisserie.


Mont blanc!


After getting to the roof I was devo I forgot to buy a drink but of course being Japan there were multiple vending machines!


Pork rib sushi.


Or maybe cheeseburger sushi. This was from Genki sushi, they have a bunch of different locations and use an automated delivery system which delivers right to your seat when it’s ready.


Lotteria is a popular burger chain in Japan. They got burgers just like we do but it’s the little differences, I mean they got the same shit we got here but they’re a little different. Examples, in Japan you can get a cup of corn or some cheese sticks.


Freshness burger is another popular burger chain.


But it’s the sushi I was most excited for, my favourite place was a joint down the road from our apartment in Shibuya.
A sushi train you could smoke in after 8pm and all day Sunday. That might not be everyone’s cup of tea but I fucking loved it!

sushi daidokoya

Not only that but the prices… forget about it! I got this mixed plate for about $7 AUD!!!


I did try some sakura sashimi (raw horse) but forgot to take a photo, word on the street is they also serve whale here but I did not partake.


I was not into the nato rolls at all which if you’re unfamiliar is slimy fermented soybean but the gf loved them.


The otoro though was the best I’ve ever had and I don’t think I’ll ever eat it in oz again, it doesn’t come close to comparing.


Japan also do their snacks right!



It was my first time trying tsukemen ramen and I wasn’t a huge fan, I think I prefer my soup and noodles pre mixed generally. The dipping just seems like one too many steps to get it into my mouth.


This ramen though was excellent and like a lot of ramen places in Japan you pay and make your selection from a vending machine outside the restaurant and then just give the waiter your ticket when you enter.


We were staying Shibuya over the halloween period and people were getting into the spirit big time! People like to dress up all the time in Shibuya so when halloween rolls around they get down on a whole other level.

Some people not so much…


Most other people though embrace the shit out of it!
It was seriously crazier than any new years eve in Sydney I’ve ever experienced.


Apple and cinnamon crêpe from Marion crêpes in Harajuku.


We knew we had to check out a maid cafe at some stage on our visit. It was a little weird on entering and was mostly just single guys playing board games with the girls, it had a kind of seedy vibe to be honest but a few couples came in while we were there and a few kids too.


They are super strict on the no photos policy of the girls though and the food was pretty bad but I guess you aren’t paying for that.


Level 5 please! although now I wish I had checked out level 3 too, and maybe level 2.


From what I could ascertain this guy was the manager.

cafe manager

And this character was the 2ic.


JT the cat whisperer – I feel her transition into being a crazy old cat lady will be an easy one.

cat lady

I don’t think it’s conceivable that this cat could have given less of a fuck that day.



Self serve green tea at the sushi train.

DSC04054 DSC04034

Vending machine beverages.



DSC03850 DSC03847

Caramel pudding frappuccino from Starbucks… people actually line up and wait to get into Starbucks in Japan which I am pretty sure is one of the 7 signs of the apocalypse.  DSC03843

Mont Blanc soufflé pancake topped with chestnut pureé from Hoshino Coffee in Tokyo. Defs check this place out not only for this beautiful specimen but also the excellent view over Shibuya crossing.


And my last meal in Japan was mixed tonkatsu at Narita airport.



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