Hong Kong 2014

On the way home from Japan we stopped over in Hong Kong for a few days, by the second day I was pretty sure I had contracted ebola or similar so was confined to the hotel. As a result I didn’t get to fit much food in, but here are some of the highlights.

hong kong 2

Just in case you feel like some quail eggs on the go.

street food

Egg waffles are a quintessential Hong Kong snack – I fucking love them!

egg waffle

Poached eggs with crab from Cafe Deadend – good, but would it kill them to toast the bread?

poached egss & crab

 The Peninsula Hotel has an incredible interior, and I always stop in at the lobby for a snack.

peninsula hotel

Crispy pancake roll.

crispy pancake roll

Pineapple buns are another classic Hong Kong snack and word on the street was Kam Wah Cafe in Prince Edward had the goods. FYI there is no pineapple in the bun but the top resembles pineapple skin or so they say. It’s basically just a sweet bun with a crispy top and a big slab of butter in the middle.

pineapple bun

You also want to get a glass of milk tea, actually you have to get a glass as the place is constantly packed and it’s a minimum one beverage per person. We were seated in a booth across from another couple and it is a little off-putting looking at them while you eat, but hey, this is Hong Kong man and real estate is real expensive.

kam wah cafe

They are also well known for their egg tarts which were pretty good, although it was the only one I had in Hong Kong this trip so I can’t really compare but the pastry was flaky as hell.

egg tart

Ladies market.

ladies market

I guess it’s better than fuk off lane?

fuk on lane

The day before I was struck down with the the mystery illness I got to check out the one restaurant I was dying to try, Yardbird!

Yardbird is an insanely popular yakitori restaurant in Sheung Wan whose owners also run Ronin, which I didn’t get to try this trip due to aforementioned illness but definitely will next time.

Sweet corn tempura. 11/10.

sweet corn tempura

Chicken meatball with egg yolk and tare. Amazing.

yakitori 1

Chicken oysters – if you don’t know what they are then educate yo’self because they are the business.


I think this was the neck.


Chicken skin with sake and sea salt.

yakitori 3

KFC – Korean fried cauliflower with yuzu and chilli is a must order, and not just for vegetarians.


The scotch egg is from the specials menu, it’s encased in minced chicken and drizzled in kewpie mayo and tonkatsu sauce.

scotch egg

Brussel sprouts with black and crispy garlic – you’ve definitely never had brussel sprouts this good.

brussel sprouts

This was what was left of the occupy movement when we arrived, or it may have been some kind of urban camping experiment.

occupy hk

A bunch of gangsters doing a bunch of gangster shit.

old men

And finally there was this from Oddies Foodies.

Italian low fat gelato twisted with 66% dark chocolate low fat gelato, buttery crumble, caramelised banana ice cream, passionfruit panna cotta, brownie and chocolate chip eggettes, and sprinkled with crunchy flakes.

oddies foodies


3 thoughts on “Hong Kong 2014

  1. Drools on the chocolate chip eggettes!! How good can that be?! Yum!!!

    Julie & Alesah
    Gourmet Getaways xx

    P. S. Hope to see you come by next time on Gourmet Getaways 🙂

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