Le Soufflé, Tokyo

Le Soufflé in Tokyo’s Minato district has a pretty extensive menu of classic French dishes but I wouldn’t know what they taste like ’cause I’m all about that soufflé life.

They have probably around 30 different sweet and savoury flavours but I don’t really fuck with the savoury ones, we came for the sugar fix.

And just in case you were unfamiliar with the advent of the spoon, the restaurant provides easy to follow instructions on the table.


The interior has an old school French vibe and was empty except for a table of two next to us, which was either an absentee father trying to make up for missing his daughters childhood, or it could have been a young woman having a fight with her sugar daddy. We couldn’t quite tell, either way I don’t think a soufflé was going to be enough.

As usual the soufflés took about 20 minutes to prepare and they came out looking perfect!

praline soufflePraline soufflé

The soufflés were as good they get in my experience, which I’ll grant you is limited, but they were super light and the praline sauce was on the money.

The passion fruit soufflé was also perfectly cooked served with a pot of passion fruit sauce and cream.

passion fruit souffle 2Passion fruit soufflé

Inside was just as good the outside, these guys got the soufflé game on lockdown for real.


Definitely check this place out if you’re looking for the best soufflé this side of the 7th arrondissement.

Le Soufflé
2F, 3-13-10, Nishiazabu
Minato-ku, Tokyo


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