Flour and Stone, Woolloomooloo

Let’s just start by saying pretty much everything at Flour and Stone is epic, some more epic than others and but all epic none the less.

If you aren’t up on Flour and Stone by now then you best get with the program and head down to Woolloomooloo because what awaits you is a yeast filled culinary experience the likes of which will not soon be forgotten.

Below is a little round up of some of their greatest hits.

Raspberry Sable Tart… Boom! Better than I imagined, just as good as it looks – which is to say, fucking amazing!

raspberry & sable tart 1Raspberry Sable Tart $5

This tart was intense, I don’t normally dig on chocolate tarts but I made an exception when I saw it was salted caramel. The caramel definitely takes it to the next level, it’s super rich and I planned on just having a bite when I got it home but 10 minutes later while watching Simpsons re-runs in my underwear I’d finished the whole thing, and although I wondered at that point what my life had come to, I felt deeply satisfied.

salted caramel 8Salted Caramel & Chocolate Tart $5.50

The French canelé which is a baked custard cylinder with a caramelised crust isn’t something I’d ever eaten.


But after biting through the crust and revealing a soft chewy inside I was reminded once again that the French have more to offer than croissants and a questionable legal system.

canele 1

Sponge cakes when they’re done right have to be the king of cakes, so simple and yet so easy to fuck up, Flour and Stone have it down to a fine art. Not too sweet and with a double layer of cream and berry compote. Yahtzee!

sponge 1Old Fashioned Vanilla Sponge Cake

The berry custard doughnut… Forget about it! Among other things I consider myself somewhat of a doughnut connoisseur and I’m ashamed to say I didn’t expect much by the look of this puppy, how wrong I was. Without a doubt the best jam doughnut I have had the pleasure of ingesting.

berry custard doughnut 1Raspberry Custard Doughnut $4.50

Again it’s not overly sweet and it doesn’t need to be, they nailed the prefect balance between dough, custard, and jam.

berry custard doughnut 3

The lemon ricotta version is excellent too but if you can only have one then go for the berry.

lemon ricotta doughnutLemon Ricotta Doughnut $4.50

There are many parts of the Australian culture that I don’t subscribe to and a love of lamingtons would be one of them, along with drinking beer and some underlying casual racism. I would never buy a lamington and would happily go the rest of my life never eating one again.

lamington 3Lamington

But according to the internet the pannacotta lamington from Flour and Stone is a something you have to try before you fade out of this dull existence we call life so I gave it a whirl. It looks amazing and yeah it was pretty good and if you’re into that kind of thing it’ll probably get you a little aroused, but to be honest I’m still not convinced.

lamington 1

Now a quince and vanilla brûlée though is definitely something I can get behind.

brulee 1Vanilla & Quince brûlée

Perfectly caramelised topping that shatters into shards of burnt sugar over a bed of vanilla custard. This is what our national icon should be not the fucking lamington 10/10.

brulee 2

I wouldn’t normally go for a lemon cake in general but I had heard good things about this one and it didn’t disappoint. Incredibly moist cake + icing = delicious.

lemon drizzleLemon Drizzle Cake

The walnut slice was super sweet possibly too sweet but had a good nut to caramel ratio.

walnut sliceWalnut Slice $5.50

The apple tart was another winner, no messing around with this one either just finely sliced apple on a tart. Brilliant.

fine apple tartFine Apple Tart

Although it’s a very difficult choice this dark horse is probably my pick of the bunch, it blew my mind and that’s all I’m going to say apart from the fact you should buy this every time you see it there.

quince and pear tart 2Quince & Pear Brown Butter Tart $5.50

And finally the hazelnut torte, it took me a few tries to get this as they often sell out. It’s intense man, crazy rich, rich like a Saudi prince who just won Powerball, and it took me several sittings to eat.

hazelnut torte 2Hazelnut Torte $5.50

So there you have it, the best of the best. Flour and Stone is currently sitting at the top of my list of go to bakeries… can anybody steal the crown?

Flour and Stone 53 Riley St Woolloomooloo 2011 Flour and Stone on Urbanspoon


6 thoughts on “Flour and Stone, Woolloomooloo

  1. How will I ever sample everything in just one visit?! You just showed me an array of the best-looking desserts and pastries! And the way you described them, love everything!!!

    Julie & Alesah
    Gourmet Getaways xx

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