Ippudo, Westfield Sydney

So I got an invite to check out the new branch of Ippudo opening up in the Central Park development on Broadway but as the opening date has been pushed back a little I gave them a revisit at their current location in Westfield Pitt St mall.


I’m a big Ippudo fan, the ramen is legit some of the best and the pork buns are of the chain.

This is the OG Ippudo tonkotsu broth served with thin noodles, pork loin, bean sprouts, black mushroom & shallots.

ramenShiromaru Motoaji $15

The best part though is this little bowl of fresh garlic they provide so you can crush as much as you want in there. Brilliant! Maybe give it a miss though if you plan on getting laid that night.


That’s some fine looking pork loin right there.

pork loin

You can choose how you want your noodles cooked and really they’re good either way, however it’s best to go a little bit firmer if you don’t want that shit to get soggy.

Note the sesame seed grinder provided on the table. Boom!
It’s the little things…
In addition to their ramen Ippudo are probably most famous for their pork buns aka crack buns, these puppies are addictive, and for $4 are some of the cheapest you’ll find in Sydney.

pork bunsPork Bun $4

They have a pretty good selection of side dishes to go along with an extensive ramen list and for something bit different I opted for the tempura camembert – ’cause why the fuck wouldn’t you deep fry cheese? Actually I can think of several compelling health related reasons, none of which stopped me from ordering it. It’s pretty much what you’d expect and I found it a little rich, maybe needs some dipping sauce for a better balance.

camembert 2Camembert Tempura $8

They have some pretty decent karaage chicken here too, piping hot (as in scalding) and served with Japanese mayonnaise, I rate it an 7.5/10

karaageKaraage Chicken $7

Ippudo is definitely one of my go-to-places in Sydney and it will be good to have another location when they finally open in Central Park, although if I’m totally honest given where I live it really won’t make any difference in my life but for all the international students living there on their parents dime it means they don’t have to schlep into the CBD when they want a ramen fix. Peace out.

Check out how they do it below.

Shop 5021, Level 5
Westfield Shopping Centre/188 Pitt St
Sydney 2000

New store:
Central Park: Level 1 RB07
28 Broadway
Chippendale 2008

*I dined courtesy of Ippudo – maybe because they like my blog, maybe they gave me the nice face discount, we’ll never know…

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5 thoughts on “Ippudo, Westfield Sydney

  1. I didn’t know that they give you fresh garlic with a crusher?! I have been to Ippudo countless times have yet to have fresh garlic. I definitely prefer to have my noodles firm. No soggy shit thank you very much hehe 😛

    Btw, hope you have a good trip to Japan!

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