Yellow, Potts Point

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I had wanted to visit Yellow for a while after reading about their poached eggs in onion consommé, it’s run by the crew from Monopole and Bentley Restaurant + Bar.

I’ve been a couple of times now and the first time the service was ridiculously slow but the second time it was much better so I guess it evens out.

Located in the historic Yellow House in Potts Point it was formally a gallery and artists collaborative in the 60’s, my Mum used to hangout there back in the day, no doubt smoking shitty weed and talking about Marxist revolutions and whatnot.

Anyway, the place gets pretty busy so try and get there pre or post morning rush if you don’t want to wait.
We started off with some housemade mandarin iced tea, I like mandarins and I like iced tea but this was not great – had a slight medicinal flavour with I’m sure none of the healing properties.

iced tea
Housemade Mandarin Iced tea $6

My dad’s a fiend for black pudding so he opted for this little number and although you can’t see it in the pic rest assured it’s their under the fried egg.

black pudding
Fried Egg, Black Pudding & Shaved Fennel $18

There’s bacon and then there’s a big slab of housemade bacon that makes you question your whole understanding of cured pork products. Epic in proportions – you’ll never look at supermarket bacon the same way again.

eggs and bacon 6
Scrambled eggs, Toast, Baby Tomatoes & Housemade Bacon $17

Real talk- this was one of the best things I’ve eaten.
The eggs are poached for an hour at 63 degrees which gives a perfectly cooked, slightly translucent white. The charred onion consommé was intense and the peas and toasted quinoa give some good texture.

poached eggs 1
Poached Egg with Charred Onion Consommé, Mushrooms & Peas $16

They serve a number of sandwiches from 11am and if you ask nicely they’ll make one for you earlier. This one is scrambled eggs and jamon – definitely recommend.

Scrambled Egg, Jamon, Harrisa & Aoili $16

It did take about 15 minutes to get this croissant the first time we visited but it got the job done. It also took about 20 minutes to get coffee… not cool.

Croissant $6

I’ve only tried the brunch menu so far, they serve a French bistro inspired menu at night which looks good too.

57-59 Macleay St
Potts Point 2011

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