Tan Viet Noodle House, Cabramatta

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You know you’re doing something right when you have the only restaurant people will actually line up for in Cabramatta. That restaurant is Tan Viet Noodle House, aka purveyors of the best crispy skin chicken this side of the Mekong Delta.


Even arriving around 11 on a Sunday we had to wait (admittedly not long) for a table but  within half an hour the line was down the street.

The place is much bigger inside than it appears from the front and each table has an excellent selection of condiments. Condiments FTW! Any restaurant without them can GTFO as far as I’m concerned.


Noodle House have a bunch of Asian drinks as expected, I opted for the longan and lotus seed which I had no idea about but it seemed to be what everyone was drinking so… when in Rome Cabra.
It’s really sweet and packed with seeds and longan berries which are just like lychees.

longan and lotus seeds 1
Longan and Lotus Seeds $4

But onto the food, they get you started by bringing a plate of bean sprouts, lemon and sweet chilli dipping sauce.

bean sprouts

You definitely want to add some of this fresh chilli though.


Then they hit you with the soup, it’s light with a good balance and the egg noodles have a good spring to them, you want get the bean sprouts in there asap though to get them nice and soft by the time the chicken arrives.

soup 1Crispy Chicken with Egg Noodles $12

And before you know it they deliver this little beauty to your table…

crispy skin chicken

Without a doubt the best crispy skin chicken I’ve eaten anywhere. They don’t mess around out here, when they say crispy they mean it. The skin is incredible and the meat is moist like… well, let’s just say it’s moist.

The soup, the chicken, the dipping sauce, now that’s a holy trinity I could support, it all works perfectly together, and you can see why the place is constantly busy. I’ve been a couple of times now and it’s spot on every time which is impressive.

table 1

After you pay the ridic cheap bill you want to head across the road where you can get freshly made pandan and coconut waffles for a buck 50. Make sure they make it fresh though and don’t try to give you one that’s been sitting there for a while, and while you’re at it next door to that you can pick up a sugarcane juice.

pandan & coconut waffle
Pandan and coconut waffle $1.50


So in case you city dwellers didn’t know, people are eating likes kings out in the ‘burbs and paying fuck all to do it. Meanwhile in the city us suckers are getting shaken down for at least a pineapple to get a decent meal for 2. If it wasn’t for the easy access to strip clubs, legal injecting rooms and overpriced bars I get in Kings Cross I might even consider moving there…

Tan Viet Noodle House
100 John St
Cabramatta 2166

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