LL Wine & Dine, Potts Point

Many people write blogs just for the love of it, or the street creed (of which there is none), or maybe in the hope that people will sleep with them (also none).

You could say I do it for the love, but in another and much more accurate way, you could say I do it in the hope someone will give me free shit.

So when Menulog wanted to hook a brother up with a voucher to try out their service, I said, not surprisingly, “hook a brother up,” I mean what am I, a charity over here?
I gotta eat right.

And though I was cursed with a willingness to sell out the first chance I got, I was also cursed with always needing to give my honest opinion, even when I know it’s not what people want to hear (several ex-girlfriends can attest to that). Some people find it a noble quality, most just find it offensive. So even though Menulog are paying for (most) of this meal, I’m still gonna give you the straight dope, you dig?


Menulog, if you haven’t heard of them, let you order online from local restaurants for pickup or delivery. They’re basically a street level dealer in the food game. Being the very lazy person I am I generally opt for the delivery, it normally takes about half an hour in my hood and I’ve linked a list of available restaurants in in Potts Point for you.

LL wine & dine

Being in the mood for Asian I opted for LL Wine and Dine which is literally about a 20 second walk from my apartment and although I hear they’re very good I’ve never actually ventured inside… I still haven’t, as they delivered right to my door.
I was mildly embarrassed about the distance and the fact I made them deliver but meh, what are you gonna do.

 The roasted chilli peanuts are dope, make sure you eat them all immediately as they get a little oily if you take them to work the next day…

nuts 2Roasted Chilli Peanuts $5

I love Chinese broccoli, this was perfectly steamed and served with vegetarian oyster sauce. Looks like the cats at LL know what’s up, because it’s a little known secret that vegetarian oyster sauce kills it!

gai lanSteamed Gai Lan $8

I also love green beans with pork mince, at LL they do beans with dried shrimp, ginger and garlic paste. Pretty damn good.

beans 1Sichuan Style Green Beans $8

Seaweed salad is always a winner and at $4 the serving is generous.

wakameWakame $4

Pork belly buns are a dime a dozen in Sydney these days but this one holds its own with the best of them. The pork was crazy soft and the bun’s filled with coriander, crushed peanuts and chilli sauce.

DSC02046Pork Belly Bun $6.50

The only curry I generally get down with is a massaman.
You can’t beat this one, a mix of potato, carrot, and broccoli topped with peanuts and fresh herbs. The beef in this was unbelievably tender. You can get a big serving for $25 or an individual serve with rice for $15, the individual serve is a little small in my opinion but not terrible.

massaman 4Massaman Beef Curry + Rice $15

The baby eggplant according to my half Chinese partner in crime was some of the best she’s eaten, personally I’m not a big eggplant fan so I’ll reserve my judgement.

eggplantWok Fried Baby Eggplant and Bamboo Shoots + Rice $15

There’s only one dessert for takeaway but fear not ’cause even if there were more you’d want to order this.
Fresh made jam filled doughnut balls – shit’s cray – I’ll take 10 dozen please.

doughnutsVanilla Sugar Coated Doughnut Balls $12

If you’re in Potts Point and want Asian food delivered or maybe you’re just really blazed and can barely make it from the couch to the door but have a bad hankering for dumplings and doughnuts then I’ve narrowed down the options for you here.

I like how LL have a mix of Japanese, Chinese and South East Asian dishes, the venue was a former illegal casino in the 60’s and later an adult bookshop among other things. To be honest I really think they probably should have kept the gambling and porn but I’ll settle for the food at this stage.

LL Wine & Dine
42 Llankelly Pl
Potts Point 2011

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