Jasmin1, Auburn


I know there’s a lot of people in Sydney who won’t go west of Newtown without an armed guard, and you knuckleheads can stay in the east, but just know that you’re missing out on some fucking incredible food.

Veggie mixed plate

Venture over to Auburn and you’ll find Jasmin1 Lebanese restaurant, I’m not sure what happened to the E in Jasmine but Jasmin1 has a certain je ne sais quoi I guess.

And what they lack in spelling they make up for in value for money, dope food and weird ceiling chandeliers. The best sign that you’re going to eat well is the fact there are hardly any white people (well besides me), there is definitely an inverse correlation between the number of white people in a Lebanese restaurant and how good the food is.


The place was packed out with families on mothers day which was the first time we visited, but the other times I’ve been it’s a mix of families, people on their own, a few gangsters smoking shisha and everyone just generally having a good time.

mixed plate

They start you off with this plate of complimentary pickles – when was the last time you got anything complimentary in Sydney? Some Chinese restaurants are even charging for soy sauce these days.


I love hummus, but hummus with meat is some next level shit – order this.

Hummus with meatHummus with meat $11

The labne with cucumber was more liquid than I expected, kind of like tzatziki and to be honest we forgot about it amongst all the other food.

labneLabne with cucumber $7

I ordered the shankleesh at lunch time like an idiot, apparently it’s a breakfast food (how was I supposed to know) but we got there early on our second trip and I was able to get me some.
Cheese mixed with onion and tomato, pretty simple but very tasty.

shankleeshShankleesh $8

Amazing falafel – crunchy on the outside, moist on the inside.
The best falafel I’ve ever had.

falafelFalafel $8

I had never tried sujuk before, which is a spicy Turkish sausage coated with herbs and spices – similar to a kransky.
Not bad, not bad at all…

sujukSujuk $11

I need a 44-gallon drum of this garlic dip which comes with the mixed plate, some of the drug dealers in the west should stop slinging pills and come to Sydney and sell this shit, people would be lining up down the block.

garlic dipGarlic Dip

baba ghanoushBaba Ganouj

Skewers of lean lamb mince served with tahini.
So juicy – so good.
I like to make a little DIY kebab with this.

lamb skewersKafta Skewers $12

The mixed vegetarian plate consists of fried eggplant, fried cauliflower, falafel, hummus, baba ganouj, tabouli and it can definitely feed more than 1 person.
The cauliflower was off the chain and I liked the sambousek which is the little pastry filled with cheese.

Veggie mixed plate 1Veggie mixed plate $15

For the carnivores the standard mixed plate contains a lamb skewer, kafta skewer, grilled chicken pieces, hummus, baba ganouj, garlic dip, falafel and tabouli.
That is one sexy plate.

mixed plate 1Mixed plate $17


After we finished eating it’s cinnamon and mint tea time.
It’s well sweet but I love it, and it gives you a nice sugar rush.

Cinnamon and mint tea 

You can eat like a king at Jasmin1 but when you’re done there Auburn has a whole lot more to offer, not so much the Auburn Hotel, that place looks fucking dire but you defs want to take a stroll over to Farouk El Bahsa and Sons Pastries… this place is something else. Full of the most amazing slices, pastries, and baklava you’ll find anywhere. I have no idea what any of them are called but you can check out some photos below.



pastrybaklava 6

pastry 1chocolatesweetsbaklava 1 baklava 3baklavabiscuits 1biscuits 2 biscuits 3 biscuits 5 biscuits

22 Civic Rd
Auburn 2144
Jasmine 1 on Urbanspoon

Farouk El Bahsa & Sons
34 Auburn Rd
Auburn 2144
Farouk El Bahsa and Sons on Urbanspoon


6 thoughts on “Jasmin1, Auburn

  1. yes! there are some incredibly tasty places out in auburn! and mmm i totally want baklava now

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