Stanley Street Merchants (breakfast), Darlinghurst (CLOSED)


Stanley Street Merchants was crowd-funded into existence through Icon Park and has just taken up their 3-month residency on Stanley St in Darlinghurst. I really want to go for dinner, which includes among other things crickets and ants, but in the mean time I checked them out for breakfast on the weekend.


The venue is still having some work done on the upstairs area but I like the bar seating which lets you check the chefs out at work.


I have seen some people complain about the service in the first few days which is to be expected from anywhere new but I found them all very competent when I visited… and those complaining might just be annoying cunts, you never know right.

restaurant 1

The brown rice pudding is quite subtle in flavour and not normally something I’d go for but if you’re coming down from a Saturday night bender and want to try and restore the ph levels in your blood then it’s probably good for you.

rice puddingbrown rice pudding, rhubarb, almonds $12

And if you don’t like it, it comes in this little jar so you can take it with you and give it to someone as a half eaten gift.

rice pudding 4

Sometimes you just want a big bowl of watermelon.
You can tell they aren’t using any of that dodgy Woolworths watermelon here, this is some quality shit. Tossed with lemon myrtle yoghurt and sprinkled with pomegranate and what I think are frosted pepitas.

watermelon 3watermelon, pomegranate, buttermilk, lemon myrtle $10

Perfectly poached eggs get me every time, these ones looked like a couple of yolks dressed up as ghosts. The smoked tomato relish is interesting.
Basic but good.

eggs 1
eggs on toast, smoked tomato relish $12

$6 for mushrooms, meh… what are you gonna do?

mushroomsmushrooms $6

sausagessausages $6

Stanley Street Merchants don’t skimp on the avocado like some of these places in Sydney, the only issue I have is the same issue I have with every cafe in Sydney at the moment, the fucking toast is like cutting through steel. Apart from that this is a nice clean breakfast.

avocado & cheeseavocado, fresh cheese, herbs on toast $15 

They have an ever changing roster of baked goods that all look crazy good.
I chose this doughnut filled with lemon myrtle custard… I could have taken a dozen more.
lemon myrtle custard doughnut $3 

There is only a limited time to visit Stanley Street Merchants, I’ll probably check out dinner in the next couple of weeks and keep you mofo’s posted.

Stanley Street Merchants
78 Stanley St
Darlinghurst 2010

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