Lentil as Anything, Newtown

Lentil as Anything opened their first NSW location in Newtown earlier this month. They are a Melbourne institution that are famous for their pay-what-you-think-it’s-worth policy (openly abused by at lease one of my dining partners) and all vegan menu. Staffed by volunteers they also provide hospitality training to refugees and although I ain’t generally down with vegan food, I am down with their ethos so I went along anyway.

On the day we visited they had just 4 options and we checked out the following 3.

My sister who is a vegan and therefore not really worthy of having an opinion when it comes to food, liked the laksa. I did not. It had a really odd sweet taste and that’s not what I want from my laksa. It also came out after we had pretty much finished our meals as they were waiting on bowls in the kitchen. I let that one slide as the staff aren’t being paid enough (anything) to really care.

laksa 1

My brother (former vegan, current numbskull) and future brother-in-law (that’s two separate people FYI, otherwise that would be weird) ordered the lentil burger.

lentil burger

Given the small size I didn’t get a chance to try it, but the rough-cut chips were solid and it got a good wrap.


In the interest of not ordering 3 burgers out of 5 people I went for the cauliflower curry, served with pear chutney, papadam and some her indistinguishable dipping sauce.


It was actually pretty good, again fairly small but the flavour was nice and I liked the little condiments on the side. I was still hungry after but it was better than I expected.

cauliflower curry

After the meal they hooked us up with some home made chai, it was like no chai I’ve ever tasted, the spices were intense and it tasted like pepper to me.
Maybe I’m just a pussy, but I couldn’t finish it.


Overall the place is pretty cool and was totally packed out. They did have a fucking awful band playing though, I’m all for supporting young talent but seriously these guys both sucked and blowed. Apart from that it was fun and worthwhile checking out.

Lentil as Anything
531 King St
Newtown 2042

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