Panhandlebar, Potts Point

Panhandlebar recently opened about 30 seconds from my apartment and directly opposite Room 10 in Llankelly Place Potts Point. It’s nice to have another option when Room 10 is packed out and I couldn’t be bothered walking any further.

Keep in mind they do serve dinner too but I’ve only visited for breakfast.


Mushrooms on toast is a nice light option, and the addition of feta, which they don’t skimp on, makes it interesting.

mushroomsSautéed Mushrooms, Fresh Basil & Feta on Sourdough $12 + Poached Egg $3

I’m all for deconstructed food, but for real, if this sandwich was anymore deconstructed I’d be catching my own salmon and baking my own bread. I do like that the spanish onion is pickled and the salmon (at least on my first visit) is a generous serve.

salmonSmoked Salmon, Spanish Onion & Crème Fraiche $13

All the sandwiches are also served with this odd little plate of potato salad, beetroot and beans. Strange, but I dig it.


The ham sandwich was pretty lame, the bread is toasted and definitely needs butter as it only has a very small amount of seeded mustard on the side. The flavour of the ham was pretty average too.

hamCarved Leg Ham, Seeded Mustard & Cheese $12

Not really impressed by Panhandlebar, Room 10’s reign as king of Llankelly place is safe for now. The prices are pretty good and the food isn’t terrible, I just feel like in this area with so many options you need to step your game up to compete, you feel me?

Llankelly Place
Potts Point 2011

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