Din Tai Fung, Worldsquare

If you want to be friends with me you got to be DTF… down to Fung!
If you don’t like Din Tai Fung you got no place in my life.

There are literally 111 blog posts about Din Tai Fung on Urbanspoon, but nevertheless I’ll show them some love, as I’m a big fan.


Expect to wait generally any time you visit, but at night it’s not unusual to wait half an hour. You do get to see into the kitchen though from the outside and watch the chefs do their thing wearing their facemasks. It looks much like what I imagine a large-scale cocaine bagging operation would look like, except with more clothes and less firearms.

Obv this is a must order when you’re at DTF, the pork Xiao Long Bao or soup dumplings for the uninitiated are the best in Sydney. There’s no way to describe eating them without it turning into some perverted double entendre so I’ll leave it to your imagination.

xiao long baoPork Xiao Long Bao 8 Pieces $12.80

Green beans with minced pork is one of my favourite dishes ever. To be honest I think $15.80 is bit steep compared to most places in Sydney but this never disappoints at DTF.

green beansGreen Beans with Minced Pork $15.80

Vegetable and pork wonton is also a must order. I don’t know what’s in the sauce, word on the street is it’s Sichuan pepper, it almost has a kind of aniseed flavour to it, but it’s so fucking good!

wontonVegetable and Pork Wonton in Tangy Sauce $9.80

I would have liked a bit more garlic on the broccoli but it was still good and cooked to just the right crispness.

broccoliSautéed Broccoli with Garlic Shrimp $15.80

Dan Dan noodles are noodles in an intensely flavoured sesame sauce that I hadn’t tried until last visit, but I think I’ll ill get on the regular in future.

dan dan noodleDan Dan Noodle $11.80

Fried pork chop is a good side to have, especially when you’re mostly ordering dumplings and noodles and you need a little meat in your life.

pork chopFried Pork Chop $10.80

The waitress was super enthusiastic about us ordering this one which should have been a giveaway. I love fried chicken more than I love some members of my family but this one was about 80% fried batter and 20% chicken. It’s not great, but if you like your chicken spicy like George does, why not?

fried chilli chicken 1Deep Fried Chilli Chicken

Din Tai Fung
Level one, open air plaza
644 George st Sydney

Din Tai Fung on Urbanspoon


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