Gelato Messina Creative Dept, Darlinghurst


This is my third (and not last) Messina related post, this one due to the change of menu in the Creative Department which is right next door to the Darlinghurst store. I don’t know if they’re holding all the top gelato scientists at gunpoint in the cellar but they never seem to run out of ideas, and they plan on changing the new menu up on the regular. So don’t waste anytime if you like what you see.


This is basically a tricked out wagon wheel hence the name. Filled with raspberry, marshmallow and covered in dark chocolate with (what I hope was) edible silver leaf on the side. You do need to let it sit for a minute or two though to soften.

vagon veel
Vagon Veel $10

The Biggie s’mores – Chocolate covered peanut gelato, peanut nougatine shards and marshmallow on top of a house made graham cracker, this is all killer, no filler! And if Biggie Smalls were alive today I’m sure he would approve.

biggie s'moresBiggie s’mores $10

Biggie Smalls

 The Kalamansi looks awesome but it’s a bit too gingery for my liking. Made from ginger and lime sorbet, honey gelato and honeycomb coconut biscuit.

kalamansiKalamansi $10

I fucking love custard!
I also love eclairs so this bad boy ticks all the boxes.
A freshly baked eclaire filled with lemon curd and lemon jelly sandwiching vanilla custard gelato and topped with meringue (also love) and confit lemon.

eclaire de luneEclaire De Lune $10

This last one has to be the highlight of the new menu and it goes something like this.

Salted caramel custard topped with raspberry preserve, vanilla custard soft serve is then piped on top and covered with a white chocolate dome.
They then pour hot salted caramel fudge over the top completely drowning said dome and potentially giving you instant diabetes.

It’s the best thing Messina have done since… well they do a lot of good things, but trust me this one is special.

we don't give a fudgeWe Don’t Give a Fudge $10

we don't give a fudge 2

Bravo Messina, you’ve outdone yourselves once again.
Until next time…

Gelato Messina Creative Dept
243 Victoria st
Darlinghurst 2010

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