Don Don, Darlinghurst

Synonymous with cheap Japanese food on Oxford st since forever, Don Don is a local favourite. It may not be the prettiest place or have the most comfortable chairs, hell it may not even really exist in a metaphysical sense but it gets the job done… if that job is filling you up with delicious handrolls and other Japanese staples.


There aren’t many better things than seaweed salad.

seaweed saladSeaweed Salad $4

Salmon love – sounds like a magazine devoted to inappropriate human/salmon relationships – is actually a selection of salmon sashimi, nigiri, and sushi rolls for $10.50.

salom love 1Salmon Love $10.50

I’m often dubious about eating sashimi at cheap Japanese restaurants as noted in my Makoto post, but Don Don really surprised me with the quality of their raw fish. Kudos.

salmon sashimiSalmon Sashimi 8 Pieces $10.50

While Don Don does some fine sashimi it’s the handrolls that they’re known for, ridiculously cheap they serve up the usual suspects, I recommend the tempura prawn, teriyaki beef and vegetarian.

hand rolls 2Crumbed Chicken $2.50 Prawn $3, Salmon $2.50

The vegetarian includes avocado, cucumber, carrot, lettuce and mayonnaise wrapped in a crispy seaweed cone.

vegetable udonVegetable Handroll $2.50

The karaage chicken isn’t bad at all, but I’ve had better and if you’re craving fried poultry specifically you should head to Ichi-Ban Boshi.

karage chickenKaraage Chicken $6

Pork katsu-don is a fried pork cutlet topped with egg and vegetables on a bed of rice, a hearty meal for less than the price of a packet of cigarettes.

pork-katsu donPork Katsu-don $10

I’m not gonna lie, tofu udon is kind of lame but if you’re vegetarian then you can only blame yourself and you’re probably not reading this anyway.

tofu udonTofu udon 

Udon noodle soup topped with crumbed chicken and egg – for when you can’t decide between noodles or karaage chicken.

pork katsu udonChicken Katsu Udon $10

Don Don is where it’s at for cheap, quality Japanese food on Oxford st, in fact it’s so cheap that I suspect the whole thing could just be a front for some kind of counterfeit Pokemon card operation or the kind of place where you can buy heroin if you ask for a $40 bacon & egg roll. Whatever the case, it translates to good eatin’ with money left over for the other delights offered on Oxford st.

Don Don
80 Oxford st
Darlinghurst 2010

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