John Montagu, Woolloomooloo

John Montagu is a new sandwich joint that recently opened in Woolloomooloo, granted it is a part of Woolloomooloo where I wouldn’t be surprised if you got robbed if you went there at certain times of the night, by day it’s actually quite nice.

John Montagu is named after the guy who apparently invented the sandwich and it brings back memories of a sandwich shop I visited in Vegas called the Earl of Sandwich, good sandwiches but it was located in a labyrinth of tunnels I got lost in for about 45 minutes while I was searching for Panadol and nursing potentially the worst hangover of my life a few years ago.

Anyway… I like a good sandwich and I’m not exaggerating when I say these are some of the best sandwiches I’ve ever had. You can tell, like all the places I highly rate that they use quality ingredients and don’t cut corners.

I only got to have a bite of the beef cheek sandwich but it was incredible, probably has something to do with the fact the beef is braised for 12 hours. 12 hours – that’s longer than some peoples marriages! Or it could be the melted cheddar, sauerkraut, spanish onions or maybe the house made glaze.

beef cheeks
Beef Cheeks $16

I ordered the salmon as I’m known to do whenever the opportunity arises. House cured salmon to be accurate, on rye with avocado, dill cream cheese and salmon roe. On its own this is a thing of great beauty, but what takes it to the next level is the coddled egg with truffle. It was perfect and from this point on people better think twice about serving me an egg without truffle.

salmonSalmon $15 + Truffled Egg $2

The mushrooms alone in this were 10/10 but when you add truffle parmesan, garlic creme fraiche and again the coddled egg then shit gets serious. This is a contender along with the beef cheeks for sandwich of the year.

Mushrooms $14 + Truffled Egg $2

Even the humble ham and cheese toasted sandwich gets a run here but they add sage to the mix. And yeah it’s real good in case you thought they were slipping on the basics.

ham & cheese
Maffra Cheese & Sage Toastie $5 + Ham $1

Elderflower & mint soda – if you haven’t tasted elderflower then get into it. It’s refreshingly perfect for a hot day.

elderflower & mint
Elderflower & Mint Soda $6

The iced chocolate is well chocolatey innit- an excellent example of the genre.

iced chcolate
Iced Chocolate $6

You know I don’t drink coffee but this is actually not bad.

iced coffee
Iced Coffe $6

So fuck Subway with their “sandwich artists” the hombres at John Montagu are sandwich arteests and as you can see below they’re sitting pretty on 100% at urbanspoon – those stats don’t lie.

John Montagu
144-146 Cathedral st
Woolloomooloo 2011

John Montagu on Urbanspoon

On a side note after we had breakfast there we went to check out the baby animals at the St Patrick’s day festival in Hyde Park but we left after this guy started giving me the evil eye.



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