Ikea, Tempe


Ikea, not generally known as a culinary destination, more commonly known as the home of inexpensive fairly bland furniture and a company founded by a man who was heavily involved in the Nazi youth movement of Sweden. Neither one of those points are a major drawcard for me but what they also have is a totally rockin food court.


Now I’m not proud of the fact that I like the food here, it’s by all reasonable measures terrible, but terrible in the way that Eurovision is terrible or the Price Is Right is terrible, which is to say its terribly fucking rad.


For anyone who hasn’t been its set up like a school cafeteria where you pick your tray up at the front and make your way around the various stations. They have everything from cakes, wraps, flavoured milk to full meals of fish & chips and of course the famous meat balls.

cream cakes
Cream cake with raspberry and vanilla custard filling, coated with pink marzipan

almond cakes
Almond chocolate & butterscotch cake

Don’t be afraid to fill your tray with as much as you can possibly eat and maybe slightly more, no one here is judging you as they’re all too busy trying to recreate the room they saw on The Block last night with it’s wacky zebra print rugs and monochromatic prints of the Paris skyline that let their friends know they’re totes cultured.

table 1

You have to get a cinnamon bun. I love cinnamon buns or scrolls or whatever you want to call them. You can pick one of these up for a buck or $5.49 for a pack of 6 to take home.

cinnamon bun
 Cinnamon bun .99c

Almond, chocolate, and butterscotch. Possibly the holy trinity of ingredients, its also gluten free, but I’d say gluten is the least of your problems if you’re eating this on the regular. Never the less I get a piece every time.

almond cake Almond chocolate & butterscotch cake $3.99

$1.99 for bottomless soft drinks, go for the lyngonberry which is a berry commonly found in Sweden and Finland. It isn’t overly sweet and tastes like homemade sodastream soda; the kind that kids in primary school who had ADHD always had in their house on account of the fact they weren’t allowed to drink normal soft drink because it made them go fucking mental.

drinksSoft drink – unlimited $1.99

I don’t know what’s in these meatballs, although there were reports of horse meat in the ones sold in Europe. That kind of makes sense because the ingredients listed on the take home packet just say “meat” with no other descriptor. Could be horse, could be human I don’t know and quite frankly I don’t wanna know, but I never leave here without eating a plate full.meat ballsMeatballs $9.99

Vegetarian cannelloni… meh.
canelloniCanelloni $6.99

pastaKids organic pasta $3.49

These vegetables are surprisingly perfectly steamed 10/10 Ikea, although to be honest I didn’t see a lot of people opting for the vegetables.

vegetablesVegetables $1.49

They also have pretty large selection of food to take home including various fish products in a jar or even a tube.

Crab spread: this is either a delicious spread made of crab meat or an ointment you get from the chemist after a Contiki tour.

crab spreadPastej Krabba $4.49

kalles kaviarCaviar spreads $4.49

Non-alcholic apple cider – I was devo I forgot to pick up a 6 pack of these, the aesthetic is amazing, defs the iPod of the cider world.

apple ciderKolysrad Appeldryck $2.49

Finally and perhaps most importantly Ikea is also one of the few places you can get packets of the original Daim bar! Daim being perhaps the best chocolate bar known to mankind.


634-726 Princes Hwy
Tempe 2044

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