Kurtosh, Darlinghurst

There are a lot of places to get good coffee (so I hear, I don’t drink that poison) in Darlinghurst and a lot of places to get good cake but not that many places where you can get the two together. So its good to see Kurtosh open their latest outpost just up the road from me on Victoria Street.

cakes 2

Kurtosh, which I think is Hungarian for “really f*cking good pastry” is the namesake of this fine establishment. Essentially a Hungarian pastry also known as a chimney cake that comes in various flavours including cinnamon, pistachio and hazelnut to name just a few.

 You definitely want one of those, then there’s the rest of the cakes and pastries sold by weight, this is where any period of time spent selling cocaine or other narcotics will greatly assist you in accurately being able to estimate the cost of said pieces prior to them being measured up.

Also given this place is just up the road from Kings Cross keep in mind you may hear some people ordering in the local vernacular, for example “give me five 8-balls of that chocolate and caramel tart” or “gimme half an ounce of that baked cheesecake”.

Kurtosh $7.50 or $8.50


I’ve visited a few times now and the staff are all very nice and all female from what I can tell. I don’t want to imply any untoward employment practices but they do seem to be slightly too good looking for it to be a random selection of people. I for one fully condone this aesthetically pleasing yet morally reprehensible employment practice.

Ice cream cones filled with chocolate cake and topped with chocolate ganache and sprinkles, I haven’t eaten one of these yet, even I have to draw the line somewhere.

Biscotti $4.90 per 100g, Chocolate Cones $3, Palmier $4.90 per 100g



I hate when you get an iced chocolate that’s all cream and is finished in three sips. This one has no cream and is just straight up milk and chocolate, it’s not huge but is intensely chocolatey. The coffee as I mentioned before I don’t drink so whatevs.

ice coffe & chocolate
Iced Chocolate & Iced Coffee $5.50


Pear and tarts go together like… something that goes really well with something else. This is one of my favourites, very dense frangipani pastry topped with poached pear and toasted almonds.

pear & frangipani
Enter a caption


Meh… you can skip this one.

passionfruit & white chocolatePassionfruit and Vanilla $4.50 per 100g

A sponge cake is a lot like a woman; visually appealing, soft to touch and often with a strawberry on top. With woman you have the waist-hip ratio, with sponge cake you have the cake-cream ratio and when its right its right, this one is definitely right.

sponge cake 1Classic Strawberry Sponge $4.50 per 100g

If you love nuts then you’ll love this, peanuts, cashews and some other unidentified nut on a bed of caramel and pastry. You only need a small piece of this as it is super sweet.

sticky nuts
Three Sticky Nuts $4 per 100g

I’ll eat pretty much anything with cinnamon on it, scrolls, cakes, unidentified food found in the kitchen at work, you name it I’ll eat it. The swirl is like a flatter drier version of a traditional scroll, I prefer a scroll if I’m perfectly honest but its cinnamon, so you can’t go wrong with that, I think Jerry says it best.

cinnamon swirl 1Cinnamon Swirl $4.90 per 100g

honey and poppy seed swirlHoney and Poppyseed Swirl $4.90 per 100g

I don’t normally go for this kind of thing, I’m more of a tart man (pastries & women) but I was lucky enough to score a couple of these for free after a visit last Sunday night. It could have been because they were about to close and they were just going to throw them away or it could have been because maybe I’m kind of a big deal around here and I just don’t know it yet? I’ll let you decide. Whatever it was these were actually really good, kind of like a pain au chocolate but twisted.

chocolate twistChocolate Twist $4.90 per 100g

Both of these burekas were a nice snack but I especially liked the one on the right which was mashed potato, mushroom and onion.

Spinach and Ricotta Bureka & Mashed Potato, Mushroom and Onion Bureka
$4.90 per 100g

Darlinghurst needed Kurtosh and its already become very popular with the locals, I dig the fact they’re open till 10 every night which means I can eat cake in bed and then vacuum out the crumbs in the morning.

316 Victoria St
Darlinghurst 2010

Kurtosh on Urbanspoon


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