Ichi-Ban Boshi, Sydney CBD

I have been going to Ichi-Ban Boshi for a number of years and it never disappoints me, it’s located in the Galleries Victoria right next to the awesome Kinokuniya book shop, so after you’ve browsed the generally disturbing selection of Japanese manga comics you can sit down to some always satisfying ramen and fried chicken.

You have to start with the iced tea served with a separate cup of sugar syrup so you can adjust the sweetness to your own preference, I’m sweet enough so I only add a drop.

lemon iceteaIced Lemon Tea $3.30

I don’t drink coffee whether it’s iced or not, I did taste this though and also definitely needs some sugar syrup as it’s not already sweetened.

iced coffeeIced Coffee $3.30

Do yourself a favour and do as the international students do and get this radioactive green melon soda.

melon sodaMelon Soda w/ Ice Cream $5.50

The sushi rolls are actually pretty decent for a non-sushi place, worth a try if you’re in the mood. I don’t quite understand the tiny little salad they serve with most of their dishes but I like it.

sushiSalmon Sushi Roll (4) $7.50

cucumberFresh Cucumber with Plum Sauce $5

Tantanmen is one their most popular dishes, it’s a spicy ramen topped with minced pork, a boiled egg and choy sum. It’s a pretty substantial meal and I highly recommend it.

tantanmenTantanmen $13

The next two are for the vegetarians, all I have to say about them is that if you choose not to eat meat there aren’t many options at Ichi-Ban Boshi and you are definitely missing out, so leave your morals at the door and order the karaage chicken.

vegetable ramenVegetable Ramen $13

Tofu ramen… needs more eye of newt.

tofu ramenTofu Ramen $11.90

This is why I keep coming back to Ichi-ban again and again, they have some of the best Karaage chicken in the city as far as I’m concerned. That juicy fried chicken dipped in kewpie mayonnaise is one of the great joys in my life. That makes it either really good chicken or I have a f*cking depressing life… at this point I’m really hoping its the chicken.

karaage chicken 2Karaage Chicken $8.50

I’m a big fan of okonomiyaki the savoury Japanese pancake, this one is filled with pork and topped with red ginger, seaweed and dried bonito flakes. It’s slightly thicker and denser than most of the ones I come across but it’s good nonetheless.

okonomiyakiOkonomiyaki  $8

If you’d rather something a bit lighter than ramen go for the salmon-don, good quality slices of sashimi on a bed of rice served with cucumber, seaweed and ginger… and again with the tiny salad.

salmon donSalmon-don $13

You can always rely on Ichi-Ban Boshi to serve up some quality, reasonably priced Japanese food. If you’ve never been you should check it out, it surprises me how many people don’t seem to know about it. They do get busy during peak times though, so be willing to wait (normally not too long) and remember they only take ca$h money.

Ichi-ban Boshi
Level 2
500 George St
Sydney 2000

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