Fratelli Paradiso, Potts Point

Fratelli Paradiso on Challis Ave is the place to go for fresh quality Italian food and not the kind of Italian you get at most restaurants in Sydney. It’s the kind that uses fresh stunning ingredients served simply by chefs who obviously know what they’re doing. For that reason it’s very popular and while there always seems to be a few people waiting outside for a table I’ve never had to wait more than about 5 minutes.

wall mural

If you only eat one thing here it has to be the custard doughnut, and a word to the wise last time I came I waited till after breakfast to order one and they were sold out so you best start with the doughnut if you know what’s good for you. There’s not really any point explaining how they taste, suffice to say it’s custard in a doughnut topped with icing sugar and more custard and if that doesn’t float your boat then there’s no hope for you.

doughnut 1Custard Doughnut $3.50

My friend ordered this little number that was like a mini burger of eggs, turkey sausage and cranberry sauce.

eggs & turkey sausageUova Strapazzate
scrambled, turkey sausage, cranberry, spinach, milk bread $14

I think I now know why I can’t buy a decent avocado in the supermarket around here, I guess Paradiso gets them all, this was the best avocado I’ve ever tasted without a doubt. Paired with the cured ocean salmon and some equally amazing olive oil it’s a perfect morning snack.

salmon bruschetteBruschette
avocado, lime, cracked pepper + cured salmon $14

I really liked the thick cut bacon in this dish, and the potato croquette underneath was a welcome change, the only complaint I have is I’m not sure what happened to the chilli mayonnaise, there was tiny smear of red on the bottom but definitely no taste of chilli.

egg & baconUova Strapazzate
scrambled, slab bacon, potato croquette, green chilli mayonnaise $14

I ordered this yesterday and was surprised at how good it was. Basically creamed rice topped with a handful of beautifully ripe mango pieces and a sprinkle of cinnamon.
Check this one out for sure if you feel like something sweeter than eggs for breakfast.

risottoRiso al Latte
jersey milk “risotto”, mango

Like the avocado on the other bruschette the truss tomatoes on this had a stunning flavour, the one thing you can really tell here is all the ingredients they use are the highest quality, they aren’t getting their produce from the same place you and I are that’s for sure!
This was served this with a steak knife though because the toasted bread was so hard… that I’m not such a huge fan of.

tomato bruschette 2Bruschette
truss tomato, fior di latte, basil $12 + avocado $3

The one thing you can be guaranteed of when you visit Fratelli Paradiso is that you’re going to eat some awesome Italian food and if the waiters have nice accents and you can do some interesting people watching then all the better I say.

Fratelli Paradiso
16 Challis Ave
Potts Point 2011

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3 thoughts on “Fratelli Paradiso, Potts Point

  1. Jersey milk risotto sounds so much nicer than rice pudding! Looks incredibly creamy too. Perfectly ripe avocados are always a tough thing to come by!

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