Una’s, Darlinghurst

Most people probably know Una’s as the home of the impossibly big schnitzel, and it’s a great place to go if you want to feel so incredibly full that you won’t even be able to fit gelato in across the road. When it comes to breakfast though it feels like a poor mans Maggie’s, the food is pretty much the same but not nearly as good I don’t think.

I generally visit a place a couple of times if I like it to try different things for a review so this one will be short and sweet as I dared not venture back for round 2.

Toast is served in the ubiquitous brown basket, standard white bread that I never normally eat but tastes so good for some reason at these places.


The big breakfast is good value, but the poached eggs were way over cooked, the sausages pretty average and the bacon and rosti nothing to write home about.

Big BreakfastBig Breakfast $13.30

The vegetarian breakfast is basically just eggs, rosti and mushrooms, the mushrooms were pretty good though and no complaints with the eggs.

vegetarianVegetarian Breakfast $13.30

Basically I wouldn’t recommend coming to Una’s for breakfast especially as you can get basically the same stuff for the same price just better at Maggie’s up the road. The service I have to say was pretty bad too with the seemingly jaded waitress serving us a a great big side of apathy with our meals. I would recommend checking out Una’s for dinner though as the schnitzels are of epic proportions. More on that later…

340 Victoria St
Darlinghurst 2010

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