Cafe Morso, Pyrmont

Every year around this time the search begins for a restaurant on the water, as this is the only prerequisite my mum has for her birthday lunch. Surprisingly for a city like Sydney there isn’t a huge number of good affordable restaurants on the water apart from the numerous tourist traps like darling harbour and king st wharf. This year after much deliberation we headed out to Cafe Morso in Pyrmont.

The restaurant is located about half way down the last wharf at the end Pirrama rd, it’s really not difficult to find yet my feeble minded siblings both struggled, the place was pretty busy the whole time we were there and seems to be a local favourite.

The woman whom I’m content to call my mother ordered the barramundi which was a shock to no one, if it’s on the menu she’s gonna be ordering it. From all reports it was cooked well and had nice flavour, FYI I didn’t taste most of the dishes other people ordered so my descriptions will be brief.

barramundiPan seared barramundi fillet, choy sum, roasted sweet potato, chilli jam $28 

As much as love eating I have a bad habit of choosing the wrong dishes, and today was no exception. I had read a few good things about the bacon and egg gnocchi but I have to say I was disappointed. It didn’t help that in my mind for some reason I was picturing ravioli when I ordered it (on a side note how amazing would bacon and egg ravioli be, am I right?). I found the whole thing just a bit, how can I put this delicately… rubbish. The gnocchi was over cooked the bacon pieces were few and far between and the poached egg was watery.

egg and bacon gnocciBacon and egg gnocchi, baby herbs, black truffle salt $18

GG of Cafe Paci blog post fame and who is essentially the 4th non-blood related child of my family ordered the haloumi salad (my sister being a vegan ordered the haloumi salad minus the haloumi, I don’t even know where to begin on that). This is a salad with cheese on top, and while there were no complaints $18 is pushing it I think.

haloumi saladSalad of grilled haloumi, spinach, green beans, asparagus, orange, roasted macadamia nuts $18

This was some kind quesadilla for which I have no further information.


The risotto was what I was going to order and decided against at the last minute, of course it turned out to not only look good but taste very good. I’ve decided in future as my brain can’t seem to be trusted with making the right decision I’m going to choose the opposite of whatever I was going to order.

risotto 3Smoked pork, spinach, gruyere risotto, poached egg, hollandaise sauce $19

Moroccan lamb back strap, pomegranate, carrot, cucumber and mint, this one apparently was a bit spicy but that’s according to my father whose tolerance to heat is probably similar to his tolerance to needles, and he’s been known to pass out just discussing an injection (true story) so I wouldn’t put much credence in his opinion.


The majority of the main dishes were pretty good but the same can’t be said for dessert. They were mostly pretty average if not downright bad. The coconut rice pudding was the latter, I didn’t taste it personally but the word down that end of the table was it blows.

rice puddingWarm coconut rice pudding with vanilla ice cream and pineapple compote $13 

black forest trifleBlack forest trifle with vanilla icecream $13

I ordered this from the specials board seduced by the promise of champagne jelly and sesame tullie. Now I’m no tullie expert so I’ll defer to wikipedia:
tuile is a thin, crisp, sweet or savory wafer made of dough or cheese.

That on the plate is not thin nor crisp it is on the other hand thick and crumbly otherwise known as shortbread definitely not a tuille, problem number 1, problem number 2 I couldn’t taste any champagne or anything much at all for that matter. Give this one a miss.

champagne jellyStrawberry, champagne jelly, mascarpone parfait and sesame tuille $13

This was the dessert I was going to order which turned out to be the pick of the bunch, obviously it was the one I decided against.

orange & polenta cakeOrange, polenta and macadamia cake, honey labneh and orange syrup $13

Cafe Morso was more so good than bad but there are a few things especially with desserts that need improving, that being said I think they are more of a breakfast/brunch place so maybe I should have known better.

Cafe Morso
Jones Bay Wharf
26-32 Pirrama Rd
Pyrmont 2009

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