Old Town Hong Kong Cuisine, Haymarket

Old Town Hong Cuisine is located in the heart of Chinatown down Dixon St and it’s open till 2am every day. It’s a 2 level restaurant with the ever-present water feature upstairs and it serves standard Chinese food like a lot of places in Sydney.

water feature

It is one of the better Chinese restaurants though in terms of quality and value and I even enjoy the slightly dismissive attitude of the staff, I’ve heard some people complain about the waiters but it feels authentic, makes me feel like I’m back in Hong Kong. And to be fair they’re not all like that, some are super friendly even when dealing with annoying guilos like my family.

Green beans with pork mince is one of my favourite dishes and they do it well. The spicy pork mince adds a nice kick to the crispy beans.

green beansSautéed Green Beans with Pork Mince $8.80

green vegetableGreen Vegetable in Oyster Sauce $7.80

The peking duck buns are as good as any of the famous ones getting around these days and slightly cheaper than Ippudo. Eat them as soon as they’re served though as they lose their heat quickly. The pork buns are good too but you can’t go past the duck.

duck bunPeking Duck with Bun (2 per serve) $8

I liked the crispy outer on the pan fried dumplings and for $6.80 they’re very good value.

crispyPan fried vegetable dumpling $6.80

pork bunsBBQ Pork with Bun (2 per serve) $7

The soup is quite plain but the pork chop is good without much fat and served with a tasty fish dipping sauce.

noodle souppork chopsDeep Fried Pork Chops with Noodle in soup $9.80

The roast pork is cooked perfectly, it’s small but then again it’s less than $10.

roast porkRoasted Pork with Rice $9.80

I found the wonton soup to be a bit bland to be honest, it needed something more, I’m a sucker for a good wonton though.

wonton soupShanghai Wonton with Noodle in soup $10.80

I really liked the vegetarian noodle, good flavour and fresh crispy vegetables and although I would never normally order a vegetarian dish I would get this again.

vegetable fried noodleVegetables Fried Noodle $11.80

These weren’t the best mango pancakes I’ve ever had, not bad but I prefer the ones over at Marigold. They just didn’t seem that fresh.

mango pancakeMango Pancakes $6.50

I’m a big fried ice cream fan, the cream on the side is a bit unnecessary though, and make sure you opt for the caramel sauce.

fried ice creamDeep Fried Ice-cream $8

The food is solid and I think very reasonably priced, It’s got a fantastic vibe and is perfect for groups. I love the fact they’re open till the am every day and that area of Dixon St is the closest thing you’ll get to Hong Kong in Sydney.

Old Town Hong Kong Cuisine
10 Dixon St
Sydney 2000

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3 thoughts on “Old Town Hong Kong Cuisine, Haymarket

  1. oooh deep fried ice cream is my weakness! hope you have an amazing new year, here’s to an even more delicious 2014!

  2. One of the better true Hong Kong style restaurants in sydney – I’ very had better mango pancakes, but these are not bad.
    I.m not a fan of Peking duck – but their Peking duck buns are superb.
    And always go for the upstairs tables; then u don’t have to look at the somewhat grotty street outside.

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