Berowra Waters Inn

I recently had the pleasure of enjoying another birthday and edging ever closer to death, however it wasn’t all bad as a friend of mine surprised me with a visit to Berowra Waters Inn.


Driving to restaurants is so 2012 this year we took a plane. We hopped on a water taxi at Circular Quay that took us over to Rose Bay to hook up with Sydney Seaplanes.

water taxi 1

We hung out in Sydney Seaplanes office for about 20 minutes before our plane arrived.


Now I’m not a huge fan of flying at the best of times and seaplanes always looked a little dodgy to me so I was slightly apprehensive.

plane 2

I needn’t have worried as it was fine although having to wear an inflatable lifejacket isn’t projecting the most confident image in my opinion but after a brief safety demonstration we were on our way.


plane interior

There were about 7 other people flying with us consisting of a young European couple who didn’t seem to talk to each other at all, an asian husband and wife who seemed to despise one another and a daughter who went to the bathroom so often she must have a coke problem worse than Jack Nicholson in the 80’s. And the classic older guy/younger woman combo whose conversation was so inane that if I had to be part of it I probably would have hurled myself out the door.


Thankfully in about half an hour we arrived after getting to experience some pretty amazing views of the harbour and up the Hawkesbury River.

view 4

view 5

view 3

We were greeted on the dock by a waiter who may or not be a qualified airline ground staff member.

arrivalWaiter/air craft guy

The restaurant itself is on the water and has floor to ceiling windows running the length of the narrow building looking out onto the river.


The tables nicely are separated so you feel like you have some privacy.


interior 1

I don’t know if they were just putting it on for our benefit but all the staff had some kind of beautiful accent, I don’t know about you but when I’m paying  someone is paying that much for a meal I want all my waiters to be foreign. Everything sounds better with an accent and they were all very professional. When my friend requested a band-aid one arrived within seconds.


I was dining (as usual) with a vegetarian so some of the pics will be of her dishes I can’t remember the ingredients in some of them though.

First up was an amuse bouche of pacific oyster, sweet leek, oyster cream and daikon. Like the bread this was also a good sign of things to come, I don’t usually eat raw oysters but this was slightly smaller and firmer than usual and with the oyster cream was fantastic.

amuse boucheAmuse bouche

We then got a visit from bread man with 3 options, a plain sourdough, walnut loaf and black olive. I gotta say I was pretty excited about the bread and would have been happy if that’s all there was.

bread manBread Man

It was seriously good and served with house made tomato butter.

tomato butterTomato butter

The first course was hamachi (kingfish) and squid in a cucumber broth. The squid and hamachi were extremely delicate and overall it was quite subtle in flavour.

hamachiHamachi, Squid, Cucumber

The vegetarian version was a mix of paper-thin vegetables and a kind of crème fraiche.

vegetables 1

Next up was a glorious piece of ocean trout with smoked milk and dashi foam. On top was something that was almost like a papadam but this was all about the trout. Loved it.

ocean troutOcean Trout, Smoked Milk & Dashi

My friend obviously couldn’t eat the trout so was given heirloom carrots with a pumpkin puree and liquorice crumbs.

carrots & licorice 1

This was probably my favourite dish and it happened to be vegetarian so we both got to enjoy it. Incredibly light gnocchi with parmesan cream and shaved zucchini. The cream can best be described as an essence of parmesan, it was such an intense flavour.

gnocciGnocchi, Zucchini & Parmesan

The chicken would have to be one of the best dishes of the day too. A perfectly cooked disc of chicken with a rich onion sauce and toasted macadamias. I only wish it had been slightly bigger.

chickenChicken, Soubise & Macadamia

My friend had roasted peaches and fennel, it was interesting to say the least, I’m not quite sure about that one.

peaches & fennel

I loved this one too. Beef short rib that fell apart with the touch of the fork, with a single fried anchovy and I think it was an apple gel on the side.

short rib 1Short Rib, Anchovy & Cracked Wheat

My friend liked the mushrooms in her dish but not so much the tarragon brioche. And I have to agree, I’m anti-brioche in general though so that doesn’t mean much.


That was it for the mains and we moved onto a pre dessert of lime posset. It was raspberry on top and then the lime posset, I don’t think I’ve ever had a posset before, the texture was so creamy I’ve never tasted anything like it.

lime possetLime Posset

Finally it was a tropical dessert, the little rectangle on the left was cream covered by a mango casing, there was a passionfruit gel on the bottom and lemon sorbet I think. I had drunk most of a bottle of wine by this stage so my memory is a little hazy. It was light and refreshing but probably not the kind go thing I would order off a menu.

tropicana No2Tropicana No2

We finished our meal just as our plane was ready to leave at 4pm so it was about two and a half hours for the food.

Thank you to my anonymous dining companion for taking me. Let’s just call her Julie, no wait that’s too obvious let’s just call her JT.


Everyone in the place watches as we get loaded back into the plane, most people arrive by boat which I guess is much cheaper but if you’re going to go all the way to Berowra Waters I would recommend the plane (especially if someone else is paying for it).

plane 1

Berowra Waters Inn
Lot 22/Warves
Berowra Waters 2082

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