Bourke Street Bakery, Potts Point


Seeing as I reviewed Croissant d’Or last week I’ve decided to write about the other bakery I frequent on a regular basis, the famous Bourke Street Bakery. I’ve never actually visited the original in Surry Hills but I hear this one is much the same they’ve just replaced the queues and hipsters with puppies and cashed up mums.


It’s no secret that I dig on baked goods, so suffice to say I’m a fan of Bourke Street and I know I said last week that Croissant d’Or was the best bakery in my area but they are really very different places. You come to Bourke Street for the predictable favourites, the pork & fennel sausage rolls and the ginger brûlée tarts are legendary.


This is the big dog, what everyone comes to the Bourke for. The pork and fennel sausage roll. It is the best sausage roll in Sydney in my humble opinion and if you haven’t tried it then I’m not going to describe it for you all you need to know is, it’s pork, it’s fennel, it’s awesome.

sausage rollPork & Fennel Sausage Roll $4.50

The pear danish here is in my top 3 of all time for sure and they taste so much better than those rubbish mass produced ones you get from various cafes around town. I can’t prove it but I think the secret ingredient might be love.

pear danishPear danish $4

I was a little disappointed to be honest with the beef brisket pie, I thought it might have been a little richer with the red wine sauce, it wasn’t bad by any measure but I think I’ll stick to the sausage rolls.

beef brisket pieBeef Brisket, Red Wine & Mushroom Pie $5.50

beef brisket pie 1

This chocolate mousse and raspberry tart is seriously good, I did nearly choke to death inhaling some of the chocolate powder on top but don’t let that put you off.

chocolate raspberry tartChocolate Mousse & Raspberry Tart $5

choc raspberry tart 1

Let’s be honest, sometimes you just want chocolate and you want it anyway you can get it. That’s when you want one of these badboys, it’s just chocolate in pastry, so simple but so good and is probably my favourite out of all of them.

chocolate tartChocolate Tart $5

chocolate tart 1

People rave about the ginger brûlée tart and I gotta say I don’t love it, it’s not terrible and it looks great but I’m not a huge ginger fan in general so that’s probably why (although I did have a thing for ginger spice back in the 90’s).

ginger brulee tartGinger Brûlée Tart $5

ginger brulee tart 1

Meringue is like the fake tan of the bakery world, you can stick it on any old tart and it’s gonna make it look better. This is my other favourite Bourke Street item, meringue topped strawberry cream tart, like a lemon meringue pie only with absolutely no lemon.

strawberry meringue tartStrawberry Meringue Tart $5.50

strawberry meringue tart 1

Bourke Street Bakery is a definite visit for any fans of the baked arts and the Potts Point store also operates as a wine bar at night which I’m yet to check out but I hear is very good.

Bourke Street Bakery
46a Macleay St
Potts Point 2011

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One thought on “Bourke Street Bakery, Potts Point

  1. Argh the ginger brulee tart gets me every time. I used to hate ginger as a kid but now I can’t get enough of the stuff!

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