Croissant d’Or, Potts Point


Croissant d’Or, it may not be named after a street but it’s still a damn fine bakery. This little gem on Macleay St in Potts Point may have a tiny shopfront but you can tell from the window display they’re serious about baking.

I feel like I need to cover a few of my favourite places in this blog and Croissant d’Or is one  of them. The following are a few of my recommendations and there isn’t a croissant in sight (although they are amazing too).

I’m a big danish fan and I ain’t talking about princess Mary. This little apricot number is the best in the area by far.

apricot danish

Who doesn’t like walnuts? You? Get off my blog then… Walnut slice ’nuff said.

walnut slice

This unremarkable looking thing is a creme caramel.

creme caramel

This beautiful vision is the creme caramel in all its glory! I quite like this version as it’s not overly sweet like the supermarket variety.

creme caramel 1

I’m not sure what this is called but the picture speaks for itself. This is like a sandwich for the gods. Almond covered sponge with a custard filling, if there’s anything better in this world I don’t know about it. If you want try a slice of this you better get there early though as they always seem to sell out.


The Germans have been responsible for some pretty questionable things in their history, apple strudel however is not one of them. Pastry, apple and cinnamon baked and iced. That my friends is a strudel.

apple struddle

What can you say about this? Perfection! This chocolate eclaire is done right. Vanilla custard instead of cream. This is how an eclaire should be made, you feel me?


I asked what this was and it’s apparently a hazelnut macaroon. It’s not like any macaroon I’ve ever eaten but it is seriously good. It contains a crazy rich hazelnut chocolate, like Nutella but richer.

hazelnut macaroon

Normally when you have a package that has a slightly damp residue and smells like marzipan then I wouldn’t open it as it’s more than likely a bomb (true story). On the hand it could just be one of these super moist pear tarts.

pear tart

I have no idea what you call this but I do know it’s hazelnut flavoured cream layered with cake and is now my favourite item at Croissant d’Or. I don’t often see it there so I advise you to get it whenever you can.


I didn’t want to eat this passionfruit and raspberry tart because it looked so good. That lasted about 5 seconds before I gave in to my natural urges and shoved in my face. The passionfruit filling is so silky smooth.

passionfruit and raspberry

The vanilla slice has long been a favourite of mine and this one made me feel sick after eating it but in a good way. Eating the pear tart beforehand probably didn’t help either.

vanilla slice

Don’t mind the weird shape on this one, these sausage rolls are legit.

sausage roll 1

Would you like some tart with your strawberries? Buried under that pile is some sweet custard and amazing pastry. This is another one of those looks-too-good-to-eat type situations.

strawberry tart

You can maybe tell from this post that I like Croissant d’Or. It’s the best bakery in Potts Point in my opinion, the shop has a cool old Parisian vibe and the staff are always friendly and happy to answer my endless questions. You do need to be careful though because once you visit it’s likely you’ll be there weekly if not daily like some of us.

Croissant d’Or
117 Macleay St
Potts Point 2011

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