Forbes & Burton, Darlinghurst

There are tons of cafes in my local area and when it comes to breakfast they’re all pretty similar but I have to say Forbes & Burton has always been up there with the best of them. They are on the expensive side but the food is generally very good and the venue and staff are excellent too.

On this particular day I was also going out for lunch so decided to order light for breakfast, something about going out and eating muesli or a fruit salad always seems like a waste to me though.

However that’s exactly what I did and it was surprisingly really good. The pineapple, rock melon and grapes were all super fresh and the muesli was fantastic.

baked muesli 1Baked muesli with fruit and yoghurt $16

The ice tea was nothing special, it was refreshing but only had a very slight tea flavour and the frozen berries added nothing to it.

ice teaEgyptian ice tea with berries $4.50

My companion ordered the “go green” breakfast which was a poached egg, avocado, greens, basil pesto and sourdough. It only came with 1 egg which I found a bit odd and it really needed another which we ordered.

go greenGo green, poached organic egg, avocado, seasonal greens, basil pesto & toasted sourdough $19

I returned for another visit today and ordered the eggs on toast with onion jam. They were out of onion jam which has happened to me probably the past 3 times I’ve ordered the stuff at various cafes, here’s a tip, take it off the menu if your never going to have it! And I really feel we need to address this sourdough situation, what’s with the crusts? They’re so sharp it’s like being glassed in the mouth every time you take a bite, seriously I could do without the requisite dental work after eating a piece of toast! And it’s not just here it seems to be everywhere these days.

poached eggsTwo organic eggs on toasted sourdough (poached fried or scrambled) $12

My friend ordered the corn fritters and was very impressed, apparently they were the best he’s ever had, I didn’t taste them but they looked the goods and had a generous side of bacon and avocado salsa.

corn frittersTwo corn fritters, poached egg, bacon & tomato salsa $18

I haven’t yet tried the lunch menu but if it’s anything like breakfast it’s definitely worth checking out.

Forbes & Burton
252 Forbes St
Darlinghurst 2010

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