Opera Bar, Sydney

opera house

Most Sydneysiders have been to Opera Bar at least once, probably very inebriated and they more than likely ended up there after a bad office christmas party. It’s a quintessentially Sydney experience with its amazing harbour vista, overpriced drinks and the high probability you’ll be hit on by tourists with terrible pickup lines.


Now you have the chance to visit in the morning as they’re serving breakfast on the weekends between 9-11:30 AND they serve alcohol at that time too for all you borderline alcoholics.

I visited on one of the amazing spring days we’ve had recently and it was interesting to see (if not expected) that there didn’t seem to be any other Sydney locals, it was mostly overseas tourists and people from interstate.


I didn’t expect much of the food to be honest and while it wasn’t awful it certainly wasn’t amazing, but you can’t have it all I guess and I don’t think it really matters too much when you’re looking out at the incredible views.

coffeeCoffe $4.50

They have a selection of pastries for $5 and this apple danish was more than acceptable.

danishApple danish $5

My former vegetarian friend who has recently returned to the carnivorous way of life ordered the bacon and eggs and while the eggs were cooked very well he thought the bacon was a little thin, but then again he hasn’t eaten any bacon in the last year so what would he know?

eggs and baconEggs on sourdough, poached or fried, bacon, tomato $17

One thing I do find strange is that they only serve their eggs fried or poached, what’s that all about? And yes they do make it clear on the menu but seriously, we put a man on the moon end they can’t scramble some eggs?

Another friend ordered the baked eggs and reported they were “good”, not really a glowing report is it? It’s like telling a date you had a “good” time when what you really mean is it was terrible and you’d sooner vacuum your lounge room than do it again.                   I tasted them and “good” was definitely an accurate description.

baked eggsBaked eggs, tomato, beans, spinach, sourdough $18

I’m really into granola at the moment and this was nice but it wouldn’t kill them to be a little more generous in the berry department. I mean I know they’re expensive but more than 1 strawberry cut into quarters would be a start.

granolaGranola, yoghurt, berries $12

I liked this panini, smoked salmon and egg is a great combination and one of my favourites, the lime mayonnaise is a bit different too.

paniniPanini, smoked salmon, egg, capers, lime mayonnaise $10

The toast was very good, but hey it’s just toast so you don’t get any points for that Opera Bar.

toast2Sourdough toast, butter, preserves $7


The seagulls can be annoying at times but it is amusing watching the staff run out every few minutes to chase them away from the spare tables.

Overall I think you get exactly what you expect from Opera Bar for breakfast, amazing views and average food. However it’s still worth a visit especially if you have visitors from overseas, at the very least they can get their bearings so when they inevitably return at night to get hammered they don’t up falling in the harbour.

Opera bar
Opera House
Lower concourse level

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