Makoto, Sydney


When people tell me they prefer the ubiquitous $3 a plate sushi trains in Sydney to Makoto they might as well be telling me they like casual racism or they enjoy watching Friends because you better believe I judge them for it. There is only one good sushi train in Sydney as far as I’m concerned and it’s a dead giveaway when you see people constantly waiting to get a seat and the confused looks of the uninitiated trying to work out what all the fuss is about.

Saying all that though the word on the street is they did have a change of ownership and I’ll admit it probably was better a year or two ago but even still it’s infinitely better than anywhere else in Sydney.


I’ve been going to Makoto for years and there was a 12 month period that I ate it for lunch every day, occasionally for dinner and at least once on the weekend, if I had to eat at only one place for the rest of my life it would 100% be Makoto sushi train.

You should always ask for the fresh wasabi, I don’t really know how fresh it is but its way better than the little packets provided.


A little friendly piece of advice; sushi should always be enjoyed with a can of Sprite, I don’t know why and I can only assume it works on some kind of molecular level but sushi and Sprite is one of the great flavour combinations of our time. If I ever run a restaurant instead of doing wine pairing with food it’ll be various soft drinks. I think Momofuku do have a juice pairing but mine would run the whole gamut of beverages, how about a golden pash popper with your entree, and perhaps a lime spider or gatorade with your main and a caramel milkshake with dessert. I have to say I really do think we are limiting ourselves with just this wine business.

Anyway onto the food, the salmon sashimi is the best I’ve had in Sydney, it’s always super fresh and almost buttery in texture and I think is actually slightly cheaper than a lot of other places.

sashimiSalmon sashimi $6.60

Salmon belly is the fattier part of the fish and just like bacon is made from the underside of the pig the salmon belly has extra flavour that you just don’t get in the normal salmon sushi.

salmon bellySalmon belly sushi $3.60

I really don’t know if this is something they do in Japan or just over here for the gaijin but grilled cheese on top of a roll full of smoked salmon and cucumber is pretty rad. I’m not sure what that sauce is on top but I’d eat an old shoe if it was covered in it.

cheeseGrilled cheese roll $5.60

crabCrab claws $4.60

Got to have the fried prawn every time because well why wouldn’t you?

fried prawn 1Fried prawn $3.60

This is one of my favourites, doesn’t really need an explanation and tastes awesome.

salmon seaweedSalmon and seaweed $4.60 

They have a few hand rolls but I can’t go past the wagyu beef and the tempura prawn. The beef can be hit and miss but when its good it’s really good. The prawn on the other hand is always good, wrapped in crispy seaweed with lettuce and japanese mayonnaise.

hand rollsTeriyaki wagyu beef hand roll $4.60

Tempura prawnTempura king prawn hand roll $3.60

So often when you order karage chicken at a sushi train it’s rubbish, I was surprised how good this is and pretty good value too. Perfectly fried and when you add the lemon and mayonnaise it’s on a whole other level.

Karage chickenKarage chicken $5.60

I took this by mistake but unlike some other people when I take something off the train I keep it, once you touch it you own it in my opinion. What I really wanted was the scallop version, it’s cooked in some kind of cheese sauce but it’s one you only want if it’s freshly made.

oyster dynamiteOyster dynamite $4.60

Just like the fried prawn you gotta have it.

fried whitingCooked whiting $3.60

The seaweed salad is another favourite.

seaweed saladSeaweed salad $3

The basic salmon sushi as well as the sashimi is how I judge a sushi train. This is standard but again much better than the $3 a plate joints and I like how they normally put a little dot of wasabi under the fish.

SushiSalmon sushi $3

They have a bunch of desserts and most of them are pretty odd but I’m a fan of anything mango and this isn’t bad.

dessertMango dessert $3.60

So the moral of this story is if you want good sushi go to Makoto, if you don’t know any better then continue shovelling that garbage they pass off as raw fish into your mouth at one of the various sushi trains around this fair city. But just know that I will almost certainly think less of you.

119 Liverpool st
Sydney 2000

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