Pulp Kitchen: Redux

The first thing I did when I decided to return to Canberra was organise some time to get to Pulp Kitchen. Once Again I arrived on a Sunday morning and once again the place wasn’t even half full, I’m sorry but the people of Canberra must have rocks in their head if this place isn’t packed every weekend. I have only been writing this blog for about 2 months and this is the second time I’m writing about them… and I don’t even live in Canberra… in fact I don’t even like Canberra, so that should tell you something about how I feel about Pulp Kitchen. It’s an image of their one and only beef tartare that adorns the heading of this very blog!



Although as I mentioned in my previous post I love the beef tartare I had to try the other dish I’d been eyeing which was the sausage and egg on toast.  One of the best things about Pulp Kitchen is they serve most dishes in half size, the downside of that I’m starting to realise is that when the food is this good you never actually only want only half a serve.

cotechino sausageCotechino sausage with soft fried egg and gruyere béchamel on toast $10/$19 

A perfectly fried egg nestled on a bed of gruyere bechamel and slab of cotechino sausage. Perfection! A great change from the standard eggs on toast. A photo obviously doesn’t do something like this justice so just imagine all the gruyere-y goodness underneath.

eggsEggs anyhow with toast and your choice of three sides $18 

My dining companion ordered the eggs again and they were perfect like last time.

I also ordered the shoestring fries, they’ve changed the aoili since I last visited and to be honest I did prefer the previous one but it’s still good and definitely a mandatory order no matter the time of day.

friesShoestring french fries with aioli $9

The juice of the day I think was apple and mint, which just happens to be my favourite juice ever. I feel like me and Pulp kitchen have some kind of weird connection… they just get me.

juice1Fresh juice of the day $7

I saved room for dessert this time and ordered the chocolate mousse which is one of their regular menu items, what I got was anything but regular.

mousseDark chocolate mousse, pear sorbet, ricotta doughnut $14

2 scoops of a dark chocolate mousse served with pear sorbet and and pieces of ricotta doughnut, I loved this! In my opinion this would be a standout served in any restaurant let alone a casual bistro in a backstreet of Canberra. The mousse is dark and rich and the pear sorbet is a beautiful contrast. It sits on a bed of chocolate “soil” I guess is the only way to describe it, whatever it is it tastes like happiness.

I don’t know if I’ll be returning to Canberra for a long time so I was glad to get in a last visit to Pulp Kitchen. These guys are definitely underrated and not to be missed if you’re down that way, if they were in Sydney you’d be hard pressed to get a table on a Sunday morning.

Pulp Kitchen
Shop 1, Wakefield Gardens
Ainslie ACT 2602

Pulp Kitchen on Urbanspoon


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