Silo Bakery + Cafe, Canberra


The dictionary contains several definitions for the word tart:

1) a pastry shell with shallow sides, no top crust, and any of various fillings 2) a woman considered to be sexually promiscuous.

On a warm Sunday morning in Canberra I knew I was going to find at least one of those things at Silo Bakery + Cafe.

In my mind for some reason I pictured a small slightly dingy suburban bakery, I’m not sure why and that certainly wasn’t the case (they have a cheese room!) when I arrived at Silo in the Canberra suburb of Kingston. This was clearly the place to be in Kingston and the joint was full on this Saturday morning, but not only that, there was a line inside running the whole length of the place with people waiting to get there hands on some tarts (the baked version). Thankfully even with the crowd we only had a 10 minute wait for a table, and once we got inside and saw the cabinets full of freshly baked goodness I started to understand why this place is so popular.

counter 1

We were greeted by a very friendly (and gorgeous) young Kate Hudson look alike who seated us. I didn’t get her name but I wish I had as she was great, even putting some tarts aside when I told her we’d want some after our meal so we didn’t miss out. After seeing the steady stream of people come through the door while we ate we were lucky she did as the display looked pretty bare by the time we left. The locals obviously know what’s up in Kingston.



It took all my willpower not to skip breakfast and go straight to the tarts but I’m trying to be a responsible adult so figured I’d start the day right. The eggs florentine which are a lighter alternative to eggs and bacon were as good as I’ve ever had. Poached eggs served on grilled crostini with spinach, parmesan and a drizzle of olive oil. Really simple and really fresh, just how it should be.

eggs florentineEggs florentine $16

fried eggsEggs with spinach tomato and mushrooms $16

I have a thing for baked goods and that’s what I (and everyone else) had really come here for, they have a few different sizes with the small ones all being $6. If I had my way I would have got one of each but settled for 3 on this occasion.

The tarts were all freshly baked and the apple and almond was moist and sweet but not too sweet, after taking a bite out of this one, things were looking good.

apple and almondApple & almond tart $6

The poached pear covered in a rich caramel sauce was probably my favourite of the 3 but they were all amazing, this one is super sweet as you can imagine but again not over the top as far I’m concerned although my friend thought it a bit too rich (note that I have a very high tolerance for sweetness, even though my mum says I’m sweet enough).

caramel and pearPear & caramel tart $6

The vanilla brulee was all crisp pastry and vanilla custard and is a must try.

vanilla bruleeVanilla brulee tart $6

There was unfortunately no room left for cheese so I didn’t get to take advantage of the cheese room they have but this is another impressive place in Canberra and whether or not you go for take away tarts or eat in for breakfast I’d put Silo Bakery + Cafe on your list of places to visit quick smart.

Silo Bakery + Cafe
36 Giles St
Kingston ACT 2604

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