Gelato Messina, Darlinghurst

If you haven’t heard of Messina you clearly haven’t been living in Sydney recently or pretty much anywhere in the country such is the reach and legend of Messina gelato. If you have heard of them and haven’t visited give yourself an uppercut, and if you’ve been then you know what’s up and I congratulate you. Quite simply Messina is the best gelato going around and this isn’t just one of those personal preference things, they just are the best, end of story.


They are known for their ever changing weekly specials menu and regular favourites made from real ingredients, none of this “ready made” garbage and you can watch them do their thing while perusing the flavours everyday at the Darlinghurst store.. They have attracted a cult like following since starting in 2002 and anyone who has eaten it will understand why. What I also like about them is that you can checkout the new flavours daily on their facebook page, although be warned, this has been known to ruin many a dinner plan.


The one thing that has bothered me lately is the queuing system. In the past it was just a free for all and any true Messina fan knew it, although there was always a poor bunch of rookies inevitably lining up for god knows how long (I’ve never done it so I have no idea how long it actually takes). There is now a sign out the front requesting people line up and I don’t really have a problem with it per se because I still just squeeze in where I can. Now I normally don’t condone that kind of behaviour but as a true fan and local who has probably financed several overseas holidays for the owners I kind of feel like I get a pass.


Im more concerned with how people order, when something is this good you don’t want to waste anyones time. I screen the specials board at the front of the shop, my brain using a complex flavour algorithm picking out keywords like peanut butter, salted caramel and white chocolate, order and am out the door to enjoy in seconds. Unlike some people who stand around for 5 minutes asking to sample 10 different flavours, here’s a tip for those people, THEY’RE ALL GOOD! Just pick something and move along. Ideally it would go something like this.


The day I went to take these photos I had specifically gone to try the Baklava flavour… it wasn’t to be 😦 and it eludes me to this day. There is something really quite devastating when you go to Messina wanting a flavour only to find they have sold out.


DSC00159testRun Run As Fast As You Can, peanut butter gelato with gingerbread cookies $4

cupSchmeckel, peanut butter gelato smashed with white choc coated pretzels $4

DSC00164testFree water – Yeah buddy…

Interesting to note I went recently during the day and did line up, 2 minutes later we were told not to bother lining up and just to make our way inside, thus reinforcing my views on the whole damn system.

They also have the creative department next door to the Darlinghurst location, (which I will review in more detail in future) where they create mind blowing mono-portioned pieces that are like miniature edible works of art, definitely a place you should check out.

To sum it up, I don’t really believe there are many people living in Sydney who haven’t tried Messina, and to eat Messina is to love Messina. So on the off chance you are one of those few people then do yourself a favour, cancel any plans you have tonight and get down there before they realise they could start charging $50 a scoop and people would be selling kidneys to just to get their fix.

Gelato Messina
Shop 1/241 Victoria St
Darlinghurst NSW 2011

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