Hong Kong Eats

Late last year I visited Hong Kong for the first time and I loved it! Hong Kong is dope, simple as that.

It’s of my favourite cities in the world up there with New York, it has such an amazing energy I could easily live there. In terms of food, the choices are phenomenal, Hong Kong is home to the cheapest Michelin starred restaurant in the world Tim Ho Wan where I stuffed myself for about AUD $12 and Bo Innovation my first 2 starred restaurant where I had one of the best meals of my life which I’ll post in more detail later.

The only place I knew I had to visit even before arriving in Hong Kong was Tim Ho Wan, better known as the cheapest Michelin starred restaurant in the world and famous for its bbq pork buns. I had heard the stories about the huge waiting times so I thought I might have a better chance of getting in quickly by going alone, it proved to be a wise decision.

After a day spent exploring Mong Kok in the rain and visitng the the bird and fish markets I decided to wander past to see what the lines were like. As expected even on this rainy weekday there was a large group huddled around the entrance, thankfully though when I approached and told them I was dining alone I was able to go straight in! No waiting, no queuing up, that’s how I roll man…


If I lived in Hong Kong I would defs have about five turtles.IMG_2109

I was seated on the edge of a small group table and was given a yellow sheet to fill in my choices, at this point I realised dining alone might hamper my ability to try everything given it’s a dim sum restaurant everything is served in multiples. I knew I had to choose wisely as it felt like sacrilege to leave anything uneaten.

Amazing prawn dumplings, the skin was light and smooth and the filling super fresh.

IMG_2117Steamed fresh shrimp dumpling (ha jiao)

To be honest I’m not really even a fan of bbq pork buns generally I don’t really like the sweet taste, I prefer my meat always savoury but seeing as this was what they were famous for (and like everything on the menu it cost less than about 2 bucks) I had try them. They were as expected and putting aside personal taste you can tell you’re probably never going to eat a pork bun better than this.


Barbecued pork buns

The vermicelli roll stuffed with shrimp was the highlight for me at Tim Ho Wan. The vermicelli was silky smooth and perfect and I could have happily had another two plates.


Vermicelli roll stuffed with shrimp


All up the meal came to about AUD $12, that’s right $12! The food was incredible and Tim Ho Wan is a must visit if you’re ever in Hong Kong.

Self serve water in a local sushi train, great idea!


The sushi I ate at the generic sushi trains wasn’t bad about the same as the $3 a plate ones you find in sydney but here all plates were the equivalent of AUD $1 which makes it awesome value for money.IMG_2133

The Peninsula Hotel I thought was amazing, most people go for the high tea but I have somewhat of an obsession with trying club sandwiches in various places so only really had one option when I read the menu. The interior of the hotel is stunning and you really feel like you’ve stepped into another time, it’s a must see when in Hong Kong, the service was impeccable and I would 100% return.

IMG_2180 IMG_2184


Lettuce, tomatoes, slow-cooked chicken, shaved bone ham, bacon and an herb-fried egg on toasted seven-grain bread, served with chilli chips.


Authentic Hong Kong cuisine at HK Disneyland.IMG_2267

Everything at the Disneyland hotel buffet was disney shaped.IMG_2296




I do like to try Mcdonalds all over the world and the menu in Hong Kong did have a few intresting burgers on it but I opted for the trusty Big Mac which was pretty much the same as everywhere else. What was different were the wasabi shaker fries. Sooo good! God willing they bring these to Australia some time, I did ask the cashier if I could buy a stockpile of the sachets but it got a little lost in translation so I gave up. Since I got back I have been trying to track down wasabi salt in Sydney so message me if you know where I can get my hands on some. FYI I have tried the wasabi fries at Chanoma Cafe in Regents Place and they are rubbish in comparison.


Airport chicken katsu ramen.


I can’t wait to return to Hong Kong and on a side note, what really floats my boat besides food is finely tailored clothing and there are a bunch of dodgy tailors in Hong Kong but if you’re over there you should definitely check out ll Sarto run by Harry and his daughter if you want some excellent quality clothes made.


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