Maggie’s, Potts Point

This was going to be post to tell you about a great place in Potts Point called Maggie’s known for their super cheap breakfasts and a place I have frequented on many occasions.

The post is about Maggie’s but I’m not so sure how great it is after todays visit.

The restaurant itself looks like something out of National Lampoon’s European Vacation, and there’s nothing wrong with that, it has had been my go to place when I want eggs sausages and their addictive potato rosti. They also serve some kind of wonder white bread with margarine that I would normally never eat and yet here I can’t get enough of it.

DSC00141 DSC00144

Unfortunately after today I’m not sure I will return to Maggie’s.

I ordered the big breakfast which is a lot of food for $11.95 and has served me well in times of financial hardship and severe hangover alike. My friend ordered the vegetarian breakfast and as she was digging into the mushrooms she noticed a thick black hair… as far as I’m concerned once a hair has left the body it immediately becomes disgusting and repugnent  and when it’s in my food… forget about it! After letting the waiter know he asked us what we’d like to do (I assume that was to see if we wanted a refund or a replacement but I’m not so sure now).

Look I understand these things happen and there are plenty far more important things to worry about in the world so we asked for a replacement, there was no apology mind you although he did ask if we still had the hair!

Anyway as we were discussing the finer points of the situation I too noticed a thick slightly shorter black hair in my rosti. I told the waiter once again and advised him we will not be needing the replacement I left the hair in it so he could maybe DNA test it or whatever the f*ck he was going to do with it. The owner/manager? then came out and was very apologetic and told us we wouldn’t be charged (I was assuming that at this stage) and we promptly left.

Now listen, I have been to Maggie’s many times and have never had a bad experience there, and I’m not even saying you shouldn’t go as I assume this is not an everyday occurrence, however for me, I have a two strikes policy when it comes to hair in my food and they unfortunately used them both up on this visit!

I kept the photos sans hair follicles for your sake!DSC00137

DSC00149 Big Breakfast  2 eggs with bacon, sausages, tomato, rosti and toast $11.95

DSC00150Vegetarian Breakfast 2 eggs with mushrooms, tomato, rosti and toast $10.95


50 Macleay St
Potts Point NSW 2011

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2 thoughts on “Maggie’s, Potts Point

  1. Hi,
    I’m one of the owners of Maggie’s and I was very sad to read of your very unfortunate experience at my restaurant. I would like to apologise and to assure you that finding a hair in our food is indeed NOT an everyday occurrence. Most restaurant kitchens will battle with a rogue hair from time to time but two in one service is unacceptable. We are reviewing our kitchen procedures. Thank you for your otherwise very gracious remarks and for posting the attractive photographs of your Maggie’s meal. I’m glad that Maggie’s has served you well in the past and hope that in time you may consider a return visit.
    Best regards,
    Jason Minty

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