Bo Innovation, Hong Kong

Chefs lunch menu HK $780 – AUD $110


Hong Kong and Macau have over 60 Michelin starred restaurants so it’s safe to say it’s not going to be hard to find a good meal, the hardest part was deciding where to go with all the choices, pretty much every good hotel has a starred restaurant. So after some deliberation I decided on Bo Innovation.

Bo Innovation is run by Alvin Leung known by his moniker “The Demon Chef”, he looks like the kind of guy you’d want with you on a 48 hour bender.

He describes his food as a combination of fusion cuisine and molecular gastronomy, and he likes to push the boundaries. I didn’t get the chance to try it but he serves a dish called “sex on the beach” which involves an edible condom filled with honey and ham, so suffice to say I anticipated the meal to be interesting. The Demon Chef did not disappoint and this was one of the best meals I’ve ever eaten.


The Demon Chef himself in action.



The first dish “Dead Garden” really set the tone for the meal. It certainly didn’t look appetising but was very good. It was a light green slightly lime flavoured foam covered in a porcini mushroom “soil”.

morel, caterpillar fungus, green onion, lime


Saba which is a type of mackerel I think topped with ponzu foam and served on a metal bowl filled with dry ice. The presentation on this was dope, the dry ice emitted a rose scented mist known as “parfum de Hong Kong”.

sesame, ponzu cloud, ginger, parfum de hong kong

This was a molecular take on xiao long bao, an oval shaped ball of goodness comprised of a thin outer skin housing a warm pork and ginger soup, its a similar consistency to biting into fish roe.

“xiao long bao”

“lo mein”, chili, kaniko, termite mushroom, sea cucumber

saffron miso, sauternes, seaweed

This was my first time eating foie gras and I’m not really sure how I feel about the ethics of it to be honest… but it was amazing. A perfectly seared slab of foie gras with a quinelle of mui choy (preserved mustard greens) ice cream. The hot and cold worked well together and it was really unusual but highly recommended.

“mui choy”

This was the most perfect piece of meat I have ever eaten… anywhere…ever! Easily the highlight of the meal. Exquisitely cooked legit (not like most of the garbage you get here) wagyu beef with Chinese vermicelli and black truffle. Let’s just say that there’s a lot of weird and probably illegal things I would do just to taste it again.

black truffle, soy, “cheung fun”

Dessert was a mandarin chocolate cake with butter toast ice cream, it was good but I couldn’t stop thinking about that beef!

Chocolate and mandarin cake with butter toast ice cream

Bo Innovation was a great experience and I think even with all the choices in Hong Kong I would have to return next time I visit.

Bo Innovation
Shop 13, 2/F J Residence
60 Johnston Road
Wan Chai, Hong Kong


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