Marque, Surry Hills

Everyone has probably heard of Marque restaurant the 3 hatted Sydney institution run by Mark Best who famously started his cooking career aged 25 after working as an electrician. You have probably also heard of the numerous restaurant of the year awards and $160 degustation menu. What you may not have heard is that they do a constantly changing Friday set menu for $45! And that is how I found myself dining at Marque one Friday a few months ago.

Now I have to say that I’m not a huge fan of the interior, it felt a bit 80’s to me and not in a good way (if there is one?) and I just expected something different I guess. That being said I thought the food was some of the best I’ve had in Australia and thats what it’s all about!

So anyway, on the day we dined we opted for the three courses but they also do five courses for $95 and obviously the big daddy, eight courses for $160.

Now it was a few months ago and I really can’t remember what the amuse bouche was which is bad I know but c’mon it’s not that important.


The first course was a seared swordfish belly cooked to perfection and I don’t normally like fruit with meat or fish but the black grapes were made for this, it was super light and refreshing.

IMG_2412 Swordfish Belly with Spinach, Black Grapes, Fregula & Yellow Squash

Duck is one of my favourite things and this dish really delivered on flavour, the succulent duck meat contrasted brilliantly with the crunch of the hazelnuts and broccolini and the slight acidic flavour from the apple bought it all together.

IMG_2413Roast Duck with Broccolini, Hazelnut, Apple & Garlic

The desert was visually stunning and any description I give wouldn’t do it justice… a picture is worth a thousand words and all that.

IMG_2414Blueberry with Lemon Aspen & camomile

After the dessert course we were presented with a little post dessert of sauternes custard and caramel syrup served in an eggshell. This was a nice touch and great end to the meal.

IMG_2436Sauternes Custard and Caramel Syrup

And that was it, all over too quickly for my liking, but I think the Friday Prix Fixe gives you a great insight into the kind of food they’re doing and it’s pretty f*cking great! The five courses for $95 is also very reasonable at a 3 hatted restaurant and I’ll do that next time if I don’t have a spare buck sixty lying around,

To sum it up I highly recommend the food at Marque and I can’t wait to return! The interior doesn’t make any difference as far as I’m concerned when the food is this good.

4/5 355 CROWN ST

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3 thoughts on “Marque, Surry Hills

  1. Maddest deal fine dining bargain out at 45 dollars. Mark’s food can be quite controversial with all his bold pairings and such but it is never stagnant and his ideas are always fresh.

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