American Eats

I have to say I liked the food a lot more than I thought I would in America. They have heaps of variety and I found that you can eat much cheaper than you can in oz. Here are some random samples of some of my favourite things.

Turkey sandwich in San Francisco – that’s a whole lot of turkey!IMG_1007

Arriving at about 11:30pm in New York we dumped our bags and headed out for food, what we found was a slice of pizza and a cherry coke! I love how they have shakers in all the pizza joints so you can add extra herbs and cheese.


The everything bagel with creame cheese- from Starbucks. This is a normal bagel with poppy and sesame seeds, onion and garlic and I ate one nearly every day I think when I was in New York. I don’t know why when I don’t really like bagels but these are so addictive.


New York was my first introduction to David Chang chef extraordinaire behind the Momofuku empire and I dined at the noodle bar on first ave twice while I was there. Sitting at the bar was fun and you get to see the chefs preparing everything which I like. I became a big fan of all things Momofuku after dining here, the food was great, the noodle bar anyway is really reasonably priced and the layout and vibe are cool.

  Lychee slushi – the straw looks unusually large compared to the glass and it was, this tasted like… well… lychees and ice.


Shrimp bun – yes I did obviously eat the pork buns and in all their porky goodness I forgot to take a photo which is kind of like going the Louvre and forgetting to get a photo of the Mona Lisa but the shrimp buns were just as good in my opinion.



Lamb ramen – this was pre my current ramen obsession so I hadn’t really eaten a lot of ramen prior to this to be honest. I knew it was good though, the shredded lamb was perfectly cooked and all the other ingredients were super fresh.


Smoked chicken – I really enjoyed this, it was kind of like ramen without the soup.


Pork ramen – pork belly! This ramen was awesome and the pork belly was melt in your mouth!


Whipped tofu with peanuts and caramel – I didn’t know what to expect with this one but I really liked it. The whipped tofu was super light and fluffy and when you add caramel and peanuts to anything you’ve got a winner.


Sushi platter NYC

Red velvet cupcake

Cinnamon cigar

Black and white cookie: Look to the cookie!

Pastrami on rye – at Katzs deli I love how they serve sandwiches in America with a pickle. The pastrami on rye is a classic and you can’t visit NY without trying one. This one is piled full of juicy pastrami and served with succulent pickles and crunchy chips. Katzs deli is super busy at all times and pretty pricey, the sandwiches are very big but you’re paying for the experience. I would definitely return.


Chicken gyro – from a suspect street vendor out the front of the Guggenheim, you should never Gugg on an empty stomach!


This shrimp roll was the best thing I ate in America hands down! I came across this when visiting the Brooklyn flea markets one morning. Red Hook Lobster Pound had a stall set up there serving fresh shrimp and lobster rolls. This was perfection, super fresh shrimp with mayonnaise and tarragon.


Sweet Maine shrimp tossed in a roasted garlic & tarragon mayo and served on a split-top bun $10

Toasted almond and earl grey tea gelato – at Il laboratorio del gelato.


Soup dumplings at Joe’s Shanghai in Chinatown New York. The place was packed when we went which was a Tuesday night I think, so expect to wait for half an hour at least, it’s definitely worth the wait though for these amazing made to order traditional xiao long bao that come in pork or crab.


Cheeseburger sliders – served poolside whilst severely hungover at Planet Hollywood In Vegas. Nothing quite like lying in the sun eating cheeseburgers and drinking pepsi to cure a hangover.


Cheeseburgers – at Fatburger in Las Vegas

IMG_1336Onion rings



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