Eightysix, Canberra

As mentioned in the  previous  post all my research before arriving in Canberra pointed in two directions and Eightysix was the other one.

I came to Eightysix for two reasons, one being the steak tartare (yes I ate it two days in a row) and the other being the popcorn sundae both totally epic!

I tried making a booking on Saturday morning for dinner but they were full, I guess it’s the go-to place in Canberra at the moment, so book in advance or go early for lunch.

We arrived for an early brunch Sunday morning, in fact we were the first people there but there was no way I wanted to risk missing out on trying this place. The fitout is stylish with a long handwritten blackboard menu and was rocking the obligatory hip-hop soundtrack found in all good restaurants these days. I for one fully condone this current trend and on this particular Sunday it consisted of Dre 2001 interspersed with a few classic Notorious B.I.G.  tracks.


Onto the food, first up it was the steak tartare, which was more traditional than the one at Pulp Kitchen and if you’re a fan of the dish then I highly recommend it. It wasn’t actually on the menu the day I went but the kitchen were able to hook me up anyway. It’s served with sides of cornichons, onion, parsley, capers and tabasco which go perfectly together when mixed up and smeared on the accompanying prawn crackers. Everything in this was just right, the steak itself was super fresh and all the sides really worked well and none of them overpowered.

This is what a steak tartare should be like and was perfection in my opinion!

Steak Tartare $21


Seeing as I had really only come for two things to kick some ass and drink some beer I went straight to dessert after the tartare. I had read about the popcorn sundae in a few blogs and knew I had to have it, in fact it was one of the main reasons I came to Canberra! Basically it’s an ice cream sundae with caramel coated popcorn (freshly popped I assume as you can smell it being prepared) peanut brittle, popcorn ice-cream and a waffle cone. Enough said.

It was so good I found myself getting slightly depressed when it was nearly finished knowing I wasn’t going to taste it again until I returned to Canberra.

This is probably in my top 3 desserts of ALL TIME!

If you’re in Canberra or even if you’re not do yourself a favour and get it in your face anyway you can!

Caramel Popcorn Sundae $14

Yeah I guess they had a bunch of other stuff on the menu that looked amazing and I’d love to try, but in reality I know if I’m ever back at Eightysix it’s going to be hard to pass up these dishes.

They also give you the bill in a little book at the end in which people with more artistic skill than me have drawn some pretty cool stuff in.

I didn’t really get to experience that much of our nations capital but I think it’s safe to say Eightysix is one of the best bits!


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